Submission #4348: Tee-N-Tee's Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog in 14:25.23

Sega Genesis
Gens 11a
Sonic The Hedgehog (W) (REV01) [!].bin
Submitted by Tee-N-Tee on 6/23/2014 5:09 PM
Submission Comments
Another year, another TAS. Happy 23rd birthday, Sonic

Game objectives

General Comments

This run improves the currently published movie by 191 in-game frames (3.18 seconds). It breaks down as follows.
LevelNew TimePrevious TimeFrames Saved
Green Hill 10:23::420:23::43-1
Green Hill 20:13::030:13::030
Green Hill 30:30::450:30::450
Marble 10:15::040:15::040
Marble 20:10::330:10::57-24
Marble 30:24::410:27::25-164
Spring Yard 10:21::310:21::310
Spring Yard 20:26::100:26::100
Spring Yard 30:40::150:40::150
Labyrinth 10:34::060:34::060
Labyrinth 20:25::340:25::340
Labyrinth 30:27::260:27::260
Star Light 10:15::360:15::360
Star Light 20:10::200:10::200
Star Light 30:26::200:26::22-2
Scrap Brain 10:28::390:28::390
Scrap Brain 20:11::450:11::450
Scrap Brain 30:09::420:09::420
9 frames saved through different capsule animals manipulation. 2 less lag frames. All in all this results in a saving of 202 real-time frames (3.37 seconds).

Level Comments/Improvements

Green Hill 1

  • Last time, I lost a frame compared to Aglar & marzojr's run for reasons I couldn't descry. Now, I checked that act and it was due to a bad y-subpixel value that slowed me down earlier than it should've. (the landing after the jump into the ceiling at 0:19) → 1 frame

Marble 2+3

  • I revisited the possibility of succeeding in the level wrap with the slower zipping speed (16 pixels per frame) and it finally worked. As it turns out the leeway is incredibly small, 5 subpixels for the x value and 24 for the y value (a pixel consists of 256 subpixels) → 188 frames

Star Light 3

  • Same as in Green Hill 1, a bad y-subpixel value prior to the jump into the ceiling (0:10) made me lose a frame compared to Aglar & marzojr's run. This new y-subpixel value even allowed me to save a frame with a marginally lower jump into zipping position (0:12) → 2 frames

feos: Judging...
feos: I'm going to introduce another unit of a TAS improvement. While "1 masterjun faster" means "an order of magnitude faster" than the previous effort, "1 aglar faster" should mean "the 1st iteration of improving an Aglar's run". Considering that even the first iteration almost never happens, "1 algar faster" is damn insane, because we all know how superhuman Aglar's runs are. And this one is... "TWO aglars faster" now!
Accepting and publishing...
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