Submission #471: pom's NES Super Mario Bros. "warps" in 04:59.60

Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Super Mario Bros)
Famtasia 5.1
Super Mario Bros. (JU) (PRG0).nes
Submitted by pom on 12/16/2004 2:26:09 PM
Submission Comments
SMB fast run (warp-using ) new record.
The movie length is 4:59.60(17976 frames), from power on to ending the input. When it measures until it took the axe, by having carried out 14frames shortening from the former version, a game is ended within five minutes.
Shortening of a time is aimed at by mainly applying the acceleration power to back in the air.
Much time and effort has been imposed for very slight updating. It shows that Mr. Phil's time is close to a limit.
80% of this movie is made by Editting a file. It is not a thing for showing operation technology.
This movie was made by reference in the play of Phil, and advice of Mana. Thankful to two persons.
(This text was machine-translated English.I'm sorry when unclear.)
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