Submission #5041: zoboner's Genesis Chakan: The Forever Man "100%" in 17:22.93

Console Sega Genesis Emulator bizhawk 1.9.3
Game Version USA/Europe Frame Count 62495
ROM Filename Chakan the forever man (U).gen Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 19733
Unknown Authors zoboner
Game Chakan: The Forever Man
Submitted by zoboner on 3/13/2016 11:27:23 PM

Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Takes damage to save time
  • Heavy glitch abuse
  • Genre: Action, Platform


START BUTTON - Brings up the spell screen and takes you back into the game.
A BUTTON - Cycles through your weapons and the last potion you selected, if you haven't used it.
B BUTTON - Attack with current weapon. Use magic that you selected on the spell screen.
C BUTTON - Tap lightly to execute a short jump. Keep the button depressed to execute a high jump. Press once to jump then at the apex of the jump, press the C button a second time to perform a spinning jump. While performing a spinning jump, press the B button to execute a spinning attack.
B & C BUTTONS - Jump and attack. Downward attack when equipped with the AXE.
Press Right or Left - Moves Chakan right or left.
Press Down - Kneel down.
Press Up & B BUTTON - Upward attack.
Press Down & B BUTTON - Chakan kneels down and attacks.
Press Down & C BUTTON - Drop down from some ledges.
Press Diagonal & B BUTTON - Attack diagonally (at a 45 degree angle).
Press Right or Left & C BUTTON - Jump right or left.
Press a Down Diagonal & C BUTTON - Roll right or left.
Two Clear: Swap Hourglass or First Aid
Clear + Green: Invincibility
Clear + Red: Doorway or ice Sword
Clear + Blue: Jumping Boots
Two Blue: Invisibility
Blue + Red: Fire Sword
Blue + Green: Enemies Slowed
Two Green: Lightning Sword
Green + Red: Smart Firebomb
Two Red: Earth Sword

Boss adresses (only for this video)



Infinite jump

The infinite jump glitch allows to use the double jump at will, following this input sequence: DLB/DRC/DLB/DRC...This is to execute during a spinning jump. Your Y speed is kept capped which means, among other things, that rising or going in a zigzag pattern amounts to the same result. This is only doable with the sword or grappling hook.

Warrior glitch

The warrior glitch allows to use a weapon which we do not possess for a short amount of time. By following this input sequence: LB/DLC/LB/URA/UL/ULB (hold ULB) .. we are able to get the axe!To execute this glitch, it is needed to have another weapon in your inventory, for example the scythe; you will be able to use the axe with the properties of the scythe. This glitch is not usable if we obtain the axe.
To do the glitch in the opposite direction, simply reverse the directional inputs, for example: RB/DRC/RB/ULA/UR/URB (hold URB) When the glitch is in place, we could as well input RB/RDB, holding RDB; RB will hit once with the current weapon while RDB will apply a new weapon change.

Maximum damage

It is possible to apply the damage of a more powerful weapon than swords with this input sequence, assuming we have the sword or grappling cane in hand: RC/_/_/_/RA/RC/RBC (with _ standing for a blank input) I had noticed that if I made a jump with the sword or the grappling cane, the player would be able to execute a double jump, even with a weapon change. This way, the only thing that counts is to do a jump with the sword or grappling cane since the game will automatically make us benefit from a double jump; we will only need to do a weapon change and a double roll attack to obtain this result.
In these pictures, I start from a roll in the direction of a pit to do a double jump, which means my inputs will be a little bit different to have the same effects. If we compare the two last pictures, we can see that I have circled a value in red which is 4098, versus 4610 on the other picture; these represent the boss’s HP and tells us that the damage of this sword hit is 512 instead of 256; thedamage is effectively doubled.

Teleportation glitch (out of bounds)

At the start of each level, the way the game loads the level is as follows: first Chakan, then the enemy sprites, before starting to load the level itself, loads the hitboxes of enemies and finishes to load the level. Knowing this, it is only needed that Chakan goes in an enemy’s hitbox and that the same hitbox finishes loading for the two to collide and Chakan to vanish. In reality, the game teleports us to an X,Y coordinate corresponding to the central point of the level (the center of the background); it is for this reason that I would take this glitch as a teleportation glitch rather than an out of bounds.


Entering this input sequence while on ground: dc/_/dc/_/dc/_ ... we will see Chakan infinitely gain height! The Down + C inputs have the purpose, in normal gameplay, to go through a platform to reach a lower ground level. However, if we use the same input to try to go through solid ground which cannot be passed through, Chakan will start his animation by rising to go through the platform, before hitting the ground with his feet to show that it is impossible to go through. But cancelling this animation will make it so that Chakan only rises, and as such perpetually ascends. However, leaving the input blank every other frame has no other purpose; we will replace them with Up + B, which will give: dc/ub/dc/ub... and will have for effect to do an upward attack every other frame while gaining height.

Level by level notes

Level 1.1:

Getting the scythe at the end.

Level 1.2:

Just finding the exit.

Level 1.3:

The MADWOMAN Boss tries to get away from close quarter combat. I just had to stick to her, using rolls to stay close, while attacking at the right times.

Level 2.1:

At the start, a web is blocking the way to a shortcut. It usually requires 5 hits with the scythe to clean up, but I lower that number to only 2 thanks to the warrior glitch, since the axe has a shorter range, a bigger hitbox and hits in a circular motion in two steps, effectively hitting twice. This saves three hits. I pick up a clear potion and an axe to finish up this level.

Level 2.2:

The boss, DRARACHNIDE, steps back when hit. I only have to corner him on the right side and continue to attack.

Level 2.3:

Getting a red potion, destroying the spider webs that block the path (those require 5 hits since I now have the axe, preventing the use of the warrior glitch) and using ice sword for the boss, EVILARACHNOGIRL.

Level 3.1:

Gathering a clear potion, beating the MINAUTORUS boss to open the way, then obtaining the battering mallet.

Level 3.2:

Taking a red potion then a blue one and going to the boss, EGYPTIANAUTORUS, who likes to get up close and personal; that gives me the opportunity to lead him to the far left side, then get stuck at the ledge to be able to hit him while avoiding his weapon’s hitbox.

Level 3.3:

Simply beating FLYAUTORUS using ice sword to enhance the damage dealt. He can be manipulated: when hit, he turns around and climbs a little higher, I just have to make it loop by moving back and forth.

Level 4.1:

Here we want to avoid the water because like in any self-respecting game of that era, it’s a burden that slows the character down.
The pillars in that level can either go upwards or downwards; when trying a roll on one that goes upwards, you have to use it a little after the halfway point to make it optimal and go as far as possible, it doesn’t work on the ones going downwards.
Getting 2 blue potions, then a clear one, and at last another blue.
I’ve named that mini-boss “INFERNOCTOPUS” because it is the only one for which I had to go to the next level in order to find its RAM address: I needed to find another creature of this kind, then its address for the HP value and use that information for my benefit. Once taken care of, the passage leading to the grappling hook opens.

Level 4.2:

It takes 5 hits with the mallet to break the wall at the beginning of the level, but I’ve managed to break it in 4 hits after multiple tries. The best explanation that I can come up with is that starting with the “maximum damage” trick, I got a bonus hit.
The SPIDER-MICROCTOPUS boss gave me a really hard time, I had to find a perfect input sequence to get that result; the first step (and problem) is to pass under its totally abusive hitbox to get behind it. Afterwards, you can see me attacking while doing very specific jumps...
...In fact, when attacking during a jump phase, Chakan’s hitbox is shifted a little, a few pixels, and that made it possible to avoid taking damage.

Level 4.3:

Activating the statue to open the pillar made of branches; this one pillar can’t be passed unless it is completely down, I succeeded at going through it when it starts opening because it automatically ejects Chakan in the opposite direction.
Then you have to wait until one of the doors displays that token “ “ to pass; same for the next door, that leads us to the WATER-SNAKE boss.
I hit him directly when he falls and hit one last time just before landing to be able to get to the other side and perform a frame perfect hit.

Level 5.1:

Nothing noteworthy.

Level 5.2:

Getting one red potion, nothing special after that.

Level 5.3:

Using the invisibility spell to go through the level while killing some lava phoenix (or phoenixes, phoenices... pick what you prefer) to minimize lag.
I use “maximum damage” on the boss INFERNO to inflict... maximum damage to him before putting him on an infinite loop: he steps back when we move forward and moves forward when we step back, making it easy to handle him.

Level 6.1:

It’s all about precise jumping and infinite jumps. Not much else.

Level 6.2:

Same than previous level.

Level 6.3:

The invisibility spell makes this level easier.
Getting one blue potion and a red one. That MOSQUITO boss normally requires, for the kill, to hop on the back of a mosquito (another mosquito) then wait until he enters a charging phase in order to land a hit, which takes a considerable amount of time and isn’t very entertaining either!!
So, I looked for a flaw to not only gain time, but also make this fight more fun...
...I’ll then engage him from the ground since I’ve noticed that he has the same movement patterns as INFERNO but way faster!!! The problem here is that the game proceeds to make mosquito-riding enemies spawn just for us to use them for the battle, and that creates lag. I had to kill those enemies as they spawned and were offscreen while still managing and attacking the boss without losing any frame. I’ve spent an insane amount of time and rerecords (2000+) just to get that done.

Level 7.1:

Nothing of note.

Level 7.2:

Just a bunch of jumps, double jumps and frame perfect rolls to go faster than WORM, the boss.

Level 7.3:

Using ice sword to defeat WORM, he charges when Chakan destroys two of his eggs.

Level 8.1:

Nothing special here.

Level 8.2:

The part on the ice sheets is a little complex because I had to manage the jumps, rolls, infinite jumps and use the “maximum damage” trick on some fishy enemies.

Level 8.3:

The SNOW boss has easy patterns. He moves around under the snow before breaking out to fire his laser, then he comes out again to attack with his claws, and at last emerges a third time for us to hit him.
I’m using fire sword for increased damage and also offer you a little surprise potion glitch just forthe laughs!!!

Level 9: The end

The final boss is a two-phases one, plugged on some 10000 volts!!
Two words: elevator glitch. It allows to cut him down in record time, and no need to be an electrician!!! FOR THE MOST PATIENT OUT THERE, THE GAME DISPLAYS A SECRET MESSAGE AT THE END, AFTER A NEVER-ENDING WAIT WHILE WATCHING THAT HOURGLASS WHICH DRIVES YOU CRAZY.
SPECIAL BIG THANKS TO Grincevent AND xy2_ to translate this and help me to upload the screenshot

Fog: Judging...
Fog: This run adds nicely to the current branch with new levels and item usage. Accepting to Moons as a new branch!
feos: Pub.

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