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Obsoleting Movie
Published on 3/29/2006
On this site, we make perfect movies, and then we surpass them. Of course, if we can surpass them, they were not perfect in the first place, but who would have known?
This movie, played by Bisqwit and AngerFist, surpasses the previous Rockman movie by about 48 seconds. All stages were improved by at least half a second, and two stages were improved by more than 10 seconds.
A lot of wall-crossing techniques are used in this movie. Way more than before. It is very difficult for even an expert player to comprehend what’s going on in this movie.
Most of the new strategies come from finalfighter. Some came from Morimoto. Huge thanks to both of them. A few were discovered by AngerFist and Bisqwit during the making of the movie.
The foundation of all of the techniques used in this movie are explained at Rockman Tricks, but the applications are myriad and complicated. Some of the applications are explained at FinalFighter’s website, but in Japanese.
More detailed information regarding the making of this movie is available at the submission comments page. More tools were used in the making of this movie than in the making of any other movie before this.
Note: This movie was made with the USA version, although the previous movie used the Japanese version. The versions are mostly identical ― in fact this movie plays without desync with either version until the last battle. To play it properly to the end, use the USA version.

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