Submission #5287: Arcree's Genesis Astérix and the Great Rescue in 30:13.17

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Sega Genesis
Asterix and the Great Rescue (USA).md
Submitted by Arcree2 on 11/7/2016 10:41:03 PM
Submission Comments
  • Difficulty : Normal()
  • Emulator : BizHawk
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death to save time
This is an improvement of the previous rejected movie (back in 2006) of 11764 frames
() Hard difficulty only change how many time you have to finish the level, this is useless and because of the transiton we loose a lot of time

The Game:

Asterix and the Great Rescue is most likely the hardest Asterix game. You can use either Asterix or Obelix, but I chose almost exclusively Asterix

Gameplay mechanics :


  • Various potions for various uses
  • Gold: Useless in any%
  • Sickle: Grants invulnerability for some seconds
  • Bomb: Grants invulnerability, increase speed for some seconds
  • Heart: Gives an extra life
  • Chicken: Gives 2 life points
  • Chalice: Restores all life points
  • Magic potion (Asterix) or boar (Obelix) : Ends the level

Main issues of the game:

You can't turn around immediately because of the animations You don't get back life points between levels and recovery items are rare

Level by level comments :

Gaulish Village:

  • 2:
    • I chose to didn't take the potion at the left and turned to the right at the beginning, it costs some life points but saves time
  • 3:
    • I took the chicken to restore some life points
  • 4:
    • I took Obelix because his bigger hitbox allows me to take the boar without getting on the ship
  • 5:
    • Intentionnal death to take back all my life points
    • I saved 2 seconds by going through the background instead of coming back on the plateform
    • I skipped a little part of the level thanks to a frame perfect jump on the elevator
  • 7:
    • There is no other way than falling down then climbing to go to the other side of the door
    • Optimise the bomb was very hard, the long animations problem is amplified by the speed
  • 9:
    • Death abuse once again
    • I needed the damage boost from the spikes to go up
  • 10:
    • Death abuse
    • Very hard flight due to the big hitboxes
  • BOSS: When throwing a fish, Asterix doesn't move with the carrier, so you can't throw more than 4 fish each time

Roman Encampment:

  • 3:
    • A little funny skip
  • 5:
    • Those fishes are really annoying
  • 6:
    • You can't dodge the bird without crouching before falling
    • At 1:18, this is a frame perfect jump
    • Little skip with the cloud
  • 8:
    • The cloud position and the jumps were very hards because the spikes have weird hitboxes
  • BOSS: I managed to hit every single rock

The Forest:

  • 1:
    • I keeped the bird alive because why not ?
  • 2:
    • By saving my bomb potion I didn't have to get other bombs whiwh were a little bit out of the way
  • 3:
    • I used several damage boosts with the nests
  • 5:
    • Fastest level, 10 seconds x)
  • 6:
    • I duplicated the cloud potion to skip a small part of the level
  • 7:
    • The rocks also have weird hitboxes... They are pretty hard to dodge
  • BOSS: You must alternate between A and B as fast as possible to beat the boss, and this is a TAS


  • 2:
    • The eagles were hard to optimise
    • I killed one of the birds on the first possible frame, it's almost invisible on real time and it looks like I killed it in the air
  • 3:
    • Some clips are possible on the sausages
    • I skipped a part of the level by jumping from the highest point of the sausage
    • I skipped another part thanks to the speed I got with the bomb
  • 5:
    • Optimising this bomb was a nightmare

Roman Galley:

  • 2:
    • Very hard level
  • 3:
    • I jumped on the seal on the very last frames
  • 4:
    • I saved a lot of time by killing the 2 romans with a bomb because else they need 3 hits each
    • I was fast enough to take the potion before taking the damage
  • 5:
    • Very optimise level
  • BOSS:
    • I can hit him 3 times on the left, but only 2 times on the right
    • Very hard boss because I needed to take damage to hit him


  • 1:
    • Very stupid level design
  • 3:
    • Death abuse
    • The mix between 3D and 2D is disturbing on the bridge
  • 5:
    • I didn't take the sickle because it's faster
    • Strange enemies behavior, I can only hit them if I am not moving and close enough
  • 6:
    • Weird hitbox once again on the peaks,I need to wait a bit, nothing I can do about that
  • BOSS: Death abuse
Video in bad quality (Mainly the underwater stages)
Thanks to theenglishman for his TAS of this game; to lapogne36 who helped me to traduce the text and to Core Design (Game creators)

Samsara: Judging.
Samsara: Hi, hello, welcome to the site!
As Exonym pointed out in the submission thread, your run is significantly slower than this WIP, so unfortunately I will have to reject this run. Use that WIP as a guide and keep working hard at it and I'm sure you'll improve it. Good luck!
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