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Published on 6/5/2006
Pokémon is a phenomenon that made itself very famous in a short time a few years ago. Pokémon Red is part of the first generation of the games of that series that were made.
Up until this day, thousands of Pokémon fans have analyzed the games, finding out the exact formulae of how each battle situation in these games works out, how experience and levels and everything works, and what are the most effective ways to battle.
Charmander is generally seen as a suboptimal starting Pokémon due to its poor effectiveness against the first two gym leaders and a lack of useful substitute Pokémon en route. Surprisingly, Charmander may be the best choice since it can burn through all the bug Pokémon in between.
Every single attack in this game can miss, including the “never misses” attacks, and as a result, this is a no-damage run: no single harmful attack lands on the Pokémon the player uses. This is called “luck manipulation” on this site.

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