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Published on 7/23/2006
Earthbound is a great RPG, designed by Shigesato Itoi in 1994-1995, and is also known by the name Mother 2.
It is best described as "random", in a good way. The game has a great emphasis on a humor, and indeed many things in the game are almost caricatured, from subplots to characters. It also has a versatile soundtrack.
Although this being a speedrun (tool-assisted at that), most of the plot of the game is intact, making this movie very entertaining to watch even as a TAS.
Details about each scene and decision in this movie can be read in the authors' comments.
This movie does not use a death as a shortcut. Although that was a conscious decision by the authors, what it actually means was bent to the extreme.
  • The main protagonist, Ness, suffers a mortal blow once. Due to how the game works, he did not die.
  • A teddy bear was disintegrated in a battle. Although a party member, it was an inanimate object, and cannot be counted as "death".
  • Near the end of the movie, a death-like event is part of the game plot.

NapstrPSX made an audio commentary for this TAS.

Emulator Replay:
Snes9x 1.43 v9

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