Published on 4/15/2024
Sonic Battle is a fighting game spinoff from the Sonic series. Rather than being 3D side-scrolling like many traditional fighting games, this game employs a 3D isometric view – not a static, sprite-based field though, it is comprised of actual texture-mapped polygons. The character sprites are 2D though, and while you think it wouldn't work – it does. It also has a customizable character in the form of Emerl, who can be given a variety of moves through Skill Cards.
The story of the game involves Sonic finding an ancient robot named Emerl, who strangely only obeys and addresses Sonic himself. Emerl has the ability to copy the moves and abilities of the people he battles. He also grows by feeding on Chaos Emeralds, which makes him smarter and have a more defined personality. Dr. Eggman has been watching all of this from afar, however, and has his own plans for Emerl.
KusogeMan for this run decides to beat Story Mode, beating all of its episodes in record time thanks to the use of a power meter glitch for Sonic and Emerl and the strategic pairing of certain characters for more optimal battles.

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