Submission #6657: Baxter, Zugzwang, Alyosha's NES Adventures of Lolo in 22:24.42

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.2.3
Game Version USA Frame Count 80798
ROM Filename Adventures of Lolo.nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 4545
Unknown Authors Baxter, Zugzwang, Alyosha
Game Adventures of Lolo
Submitted by Alyosha on 3/16/2020 12:02:58 PM

Submission Comments
Adventures of Lolo is a puzzle game for the nes featuring 50 levels, some unique gameplay mechanics, and some interesting glitches.
After staring at this run for many hours, I improved it by 16 frames (or one full step.)
The improvement is in 10-1, where moving a block at the start sets up slightly less wait time after collecting the heart at the bottom left.

ThunderAxe31: Judging.
ThunderAxe31: Accepting as improvement over the current publication.
feos: Pub.

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