Submission #6926: WarHippy, g0goTBC, Really_Tall, Samsara, The8bitbeast, Malleoz & TASPlasma's Uzebox Bugz "2 players" in 02:42.14

2 players
BizHawk 2.5.0
Submitted by WarHippy on 10/31/2020 1:58 PM
Submission Comments
Bugz (circa 1977-1999) was a famous rap artist that starred in the group D12 (aka Dirty Dozen). After an intense water gun fight, Bugz was hit by an SUV. I don't know why someone brought an SUV to a water gun fight, but clearly there's no way you can lose by doing so, as long as you spraypaint "NERF Subocean Underwater Vehicle" on the side. 16 years later, ArtcFox decided to pay tribute to this tragedy and created Bugz for the Uzebox (of course exercising a few artistic liberties). You can re-live the rough and tumble lifestyle of this troubled man by squishing bugs (not Bugz, as he was already squished by the SUV) and collecting cookies throughout 21 unique levels.
This game was chosen for Dream Team Contest 9, and it is a 19100 frame improvement to #6064: EZGames69's SNES A Bug's Life in 07:59.73. Wait, uh,
  • 2 players
  • Use death to save time
  • Genre: Platform


Left/Right - Move
Left+Right - Moonwalk to the right. Maintains current speed. Occasionally used for sub-pixel optimization when below max speed
Up/Down - Climb Ladders/Fall through platforms
B - Run while holding
A - Jump. Variable height
Select + Right Shoulder Button - Level Select - Not used in this run, but an identical effect happens when you collect all the cookies in each level

Notable Tricks

Death warping

Pressing any button after dying will cause you to respawn at your initial starting point. Conveniently enough, this is also where the final cookie spawns, so it's often faster for one character to die and spawn back at the beginning.

Partner boost

You can use your partner as an additional "enemy" to stomp to cross certain obstacles more efficiently. The vertical momentum of the stomped player gets carried to the stomper, which can allow for even bigger jumps.

Mid-air jumps

After walking off a ledge or ladder you have up to 6 frames to press the jump button. After jumping off an enemy you only have 4 frames to press the button.

Ledge Clip

Discovered by team 5. If (for example) the edge of a wall is at sub-pixel position 128 and you're at sub-pixel position 129, then you can rise vertically and clip into the wall by that 1 sub-pixel. Pressing any direction while in the wall will eject you back to the 128 position. BUT, if the wall you're clipping into is only 1 block high, and you're over halfway up, AND your vertical momentum is 0, then pressing any direction will eject you to the top of that block. This usually takes a couple frames to set up correctly, and your x-speed is 0 afterwards. It's only useful when you can't jump to a certain ledge normally.

Pressing B

Useless. Don't listen to the haters, Team 2.
Level times by DTC team, with the fastest time in bold.
LevelTeam 1Team 2Team 3Team 4Team 5Team 6
Note: the levels were timed using a script that Dacicus made.
Here's the number of levels for which each team had the best time.
TeamLevels with best time
Team 121
Team 2(None)
Team 31, 5, 6, 8, 12, 15, 17, 20
Team 4(None)
Team 52, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19
Team 65, 7
Since then, here's the time saves that have been found:
LevelBest DTC timeFinal SubmissionFrames SavedDetails
Menu62620So far so good
15635612Maintaining good sub-pixel positions while turning around is one of the trickiest things in this game due to momentum. Many improvements were the result of optimizing turns better
236634818New routing with pink going up top along with blue
361459222Pink and Blue swapped routes in the second half of the level
45825793Better movement
54344295Better movement. Better ladders. Apparently walking off the side of a ladder and then jumping is faster than directly jumping from the ladder
65295263Ladders in this game allows you to climb into the walls which allowed the first and only use of a horizontal ledge clip.
74924893Better movement
83903891Something about this level is not perfectly symmetrical. It was 1 frame faster to swap the routes that pink and blue took
94254241Better Movement
105015001Better Ladder Movement
113153096Introduced a sub-pixel-perfect partner boost at the end to have a quicker death warp
123053050Team 3 too good to improve on
136766697Clipped into the final ledge in order to jump on the grasshopper much earlier
144954951*Saved a frame on the level transition by having less bugs on screen at the end of the level
153463460Team 3 too good to improve on
164894881Better movement
174484471Better movement
184534530Team 5 too good to improve on
1960157922Optimized movement at the beginning to just barely beat the ant cycle with both players
203743731Better movement
213683680Team 1 too good to improve on (Samsara: HAHA GET DESTROYED)
Total9829973198Thanks to everyone for helping push this game to its limit!

Suggested Screenshot

RIP Bugz

Actual Suggested Screenshots

feos: Good run, great feedback, found no problems overall. Accepting to Moons.
fsvgm777: Processing. Added the branch label as well.
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