Submission #7209: Natetheman223's GC Spider-Man 2 in 46:07.08

Nintendo GameCube
Dolphin 5.0-10497
Submitted by Natetheman223 on 9/8/2021 2:22 PM
Submission Comments

Well, sequel time already, huh?

This time it's actually good. Promise.

Main Improvments

  • All of the web swinging pre-chapter 8 used a method of newbie swinging that, while not extremely slow... is still slower than the actually fast method. In this TAS, I use the fast swinging straight from the get-go.
  • All instances of Spider-Reflexes usage have been made frame perfect, and all spider-reflexes combos have been buffered where possible. This means the screen flashes much less often, and for shorter periods.
  • I reach full spider-reflexes before the first fight, allowing me to have a greater damage output.
  • Stayed closer to Black Cat in all chases except the first.
  • Placed civilians on the lamps in the theater instead of the balcony. They're safe; I don't want to hear it.
  • Used a different method to skip the first Shocker fight.
  • Purchased an upgrade that allows me to web two enemies at once, making the chapter 7 prisoner segment much shorter as well as helping in combat numerous other times.
  • Saved a small amount of time by jumping in the water when starting chapter 14, skipping the chapter transition.
  • Used a new method to get up walls.
  • All three Dock Ock fights are much faster.
  • The fight against Dock Ock's minions in the bank is much faster.
  • Took no damage this time around.
  • Numerous other things.
Uh... I submitted the wrong movie. Oops. I was supposed to submit the one that skips the end cutscene, but I accidentally submitted the one that uses it.
Anyway, this movie is the one that I wanted for publication. It uses the ending cutscene and THEN allows the credits to start, since input is required after the video.
And THIS movie was supposed to be the one I submitted. It skips the end cutscene in favor of accessing the credits sooner.
Zinfidel... don't miss this chance to put the TAS info on spidey's butt at the start. :)
EDIT: everyone hates Black Cat but the hint markers definitely don't.

Memory: replacing file with author intended file
Memory: Claiming for judging.
Memory: Confirmed sync.
Optimization looks good. I didn't watch through all of the previous run, but I couldn't spot any mistakes.
The web swing movement is very fun here. A bunch of the skips are also very interesting. I think there could be a little better management of downtime, but that's a relatively small complaint in the long run.
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