Submission #7611: Fortranm's NES Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril "LIFTLUNACY" in 01:39.52

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Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator BizHawk 2.8
Game Version unknown Frame Count 5981
ROM Filename Battle-Kid-Fortress of Peril-2022-8BL-ROM.nes Frame Rate 60.09960519448607
Branch LIFTLUNACY Rerecord Count 4834
PowerOn Authors Fortranm
Game Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril
Submitted by Fortranm on 7/21/2022 6:13:38 AM

Submission Comments
  • Emulator Used: Bizhawk 2.8
  • Genre: platforming
  • Game version: 2.1
  • Uses password to access bonus content
Battle Kid features a password system and has bonus levels that can be accessed from it. This movie aims to complete the bonus level associated with the password LIFTLUNACY. The level was added in Version 2.0, the Japanese release for Famicom, and, as its name suggests, features Lifts, a new mechanism added in the said version. Thanks to the power of frame perfect inputs, I managed to skip a few intended uses of that.
This movie is done on Version 2.1. It is the Xbox One release while the NES rom itself is available for purchase online too.
Just one note regarding optimization. Apparently it's faster to jump on the first possible frame when trying to start moving again after standing still, including but not limited to after using a Lift.

slamo: Replaced movie with a 170 frame improvement, and judging!
slamo: There is not much information on this level out there, but the optimization looks polished. Accepting as a separate branch.
The credits call this "Special Stage #2" - I will leave it up to the publisher to decide the branch name.

despoa: Processing...

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