Submission #7738: ThunderAxe31's PSX Time Crisis "Special mode, Mechanoid boss" in 05:33.89

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System Sony PlayStation Emulator BizHawk 2.8.0
Game Version USA Frame Count 19976 (Cycle Count 11308424077)
ROM Filename Time Crisis (USA).cue Frame Rate 59.82824345755211
Branch Special mode, Mechanoid boss Rerecord Count 17643
PowerOn Authors ThunderAxe31
Game Time Crisis
Submitted by ThunderAxe31 on 10/11/2022 3:31:20 PM

Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Emulator: BizHawk 2.8
  • Core: NymaShock
  • Input device: GunCom
  • Goal: beat the boss "Mechanoid" of Special Mission mode as fast as possible
  • Aims for in-game time, at the cost of sacrificing real-time
  • Beat the known TAS


  • The faster the enemy disappear, the faster you advance to the next wave or room.
  • Shoot an enemy on the top of the head to make them disappear faster.
  • Shoot an enemy three times to make them disappear even faster.
  • Reload the gun magazine multiple times to manipulate RNG and get different enemy spawns.
  • In some rooms, shooting extra shoots speeds up the game by a frame each. This doesn't save in-game time, but only real time.
  • While keeping in mind all of the above, find the optimal order in which shooting the enemies and reloading.

For the publisher

  • Please use this movie for the extended inputs.
  • Please make the crosshair invisible. PSX > Settings > Crosshair 1 > 16777216
  • Please make an alternate encode that removes the screen flashes.

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: I think it makes perfect sense to judge this run together with the other two. This branch is not very different from the other two: it features one unique level out of the, and a unique boss in that level.
Lobby Lobby Lobby
Ballroom Shopping Mall Shopping Mall
Swimming Pool Arms Factory Parking Lot
Heliport Lounge Mechanoid
Lepoediatra Antlion
But this doesn't mean I'll be applying the old Vault rules that demand at least 50% inherent difference for the 2 routes to co-exist in Standard. Judges have always been saying that they don't like those strict borderlines, because they don't map onto real life all that well.
So by those old rules I'd want Moons feedback for this movie, which it will probably never get judging by the current state of things, even if we keep asking for a month. But I genuinely think it would be a bad idea to kinda use this against the author. Because featuring all unique levels of the Special mode by having 3 branches for it feels like the sanest solution to me, as I said in #7702: ThunderAxe31's PSX Time Crisis "Special mode, Lepoediatra boss" in 09:11.87.
It would have been much trickier if the author chose routes that make the 3 runs more similar than they are right now, but probably still manageable. But given how well the current branches complete each other, I'd just like to accept this one separately.

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