Submission #9174: ninespaces's GBC Alice in Wonderland "any%" in 21:58.86

Game Boy Color
Alice in Wonderland
Bizhawk 2.9.1
Alice in Wonderland (USA).gbc
Submitted by ninespaces on 7/9/2024 3:49 PM
Submission Comments
Alice in Wonderland for the Game Boy Color is a platforming game that follows the plot of the 1951 animated Disney film. It features a number of mechanics and bugs that made it fun to TAS.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.9.1
  • any%
  • Takes advantage of clipping oddities to save time
  • Abuses a bug with the jump mechanic that allows for chained jumps


This TAS features a surprising number of frame-perfect inputs.
There's two key bugs that save time. First, clipping into platforms at particular heights -- and sometimes with specifically timed jump inputs -- causes Alice to clip up onto a platform she'd ordinarily not be able to reach. Second, Alice can chain jumps together provided the jump input isn't held too long, and provided there's enough of a gap between her vertical position and the top of the screen (i.e., she cannot chain jumps infinitely, like you can in Little Nicky... hmm, same developer...!)
Suggested frame for thumbnail: #2122 (Alice's expression amuses me.)
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