Submission #993: fuzi2's SNES Star Ocean in 1:53:13.43

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version Japan Frame Count 407606
ROM Filename Star Ocean (J).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 21031
Unknown Authors fuzi2
Game Star Ocean
Submitted by fuzi2 on 3/2/2006 4:14:40 PM

Submission Comments
Star Ocean is Tri-Ace's first work. Story is bad. But battle system and skill system are very good. It is very fun! Personally I want Tri-Ace to remake it.

Modern Planet Roak

  • Ratix had no Yasei no Kan(Wild instinct). His Yasei no Kan is blossomed later.
  • Random encounter of this game usually can't be manipulate. But you can manipulate random encounter only when you run after Milly. It is impossible to manipulate random encounter except that time.
  • I got ruby because I will make Berserk Ring from it.

Past Planet Roak

  • Iria had Kiyou na Yubisaki(Manual Dexterity).
  • I bought knowledge skill level 1 and sense skill level 1 and technique skill level 1 at Hot. Therefore I got 420 Fol at Clatos.
  • I went to disused mine of Metox in order to get Dwarven Sword and gain experience and Fol before hideout of pirate. I found the glitch that you can skip random encounter. It occurs when moving to the following area and encounter occur at the same time. And music is played back from the first then. But it seems to be used only where the name of place shows on the upper screen. I used it to skip the battle except shadow flower and three slimes. You can run away quickly only in shadow flower battle, and I gained experience and Fol in three slimes battle.
  • The more the participation member, the more quickly you can run away from battles. Therefore, I returned participation member to three people.
  • I got rainbow diamond because I will associate Marvel and I will get her to customize Holy orb.
  • You can skip the event of Astral to take the ship after staying lodging.

4 Emblems

  • Marvel's first talent depends on the timing of going out of Ecdart(Case of no encounter). And I want her to have originality. Because she customize Holy orb. Therefore, I delayed going out of Ecdart in order to manipulate her first talent.
  • I stopped on the eve of going in Portmis. Because I manipulate movement of passer. If I go in Portmis at once, there is passer on stair.
  • I found the another glitch which you can skip random encounter. When character who has no Yasei no Kan(Wild Instinct) scouts, you press X button to open menu on the eve of random encounter. Then it occurs.

Demon World and Revorse Tower

  • The screen glooms briefly after first Del Argaswy battle. This bug seems to relate to the glitch that you can skip random encounter. It is normal after random encounter. I repeated pressing A button 2 frame and releasing 1 frame one after the other during then.
  • Asmodeus's appearance changes whenever he damages a little. And he is invincible meanwhile. Therefore I kept stunning him in order to prevent him from being invincible. I used same tactic in Jie Revorse and Neo Revorse battle.
  • I used snes9xw-improvement7(use WIP1 timing, sync samples with sound CPU)
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Abuses programming errors in the game
  • Manipulates luck
I'm sorry when this comments and explanations are obscure. Thank you, everyone!

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