This is the movie format used in:


MC2 is ASCII plain text. It consists of several key-value pairs followed by an inputlog section.
The inputlog section can be identified by its starting with a | (pipe). The inputlog section terminates at eof. Newlines may be \r\n or \n
Key-value pairs consist of a key identifier, followed by a space separator, followed by the value text. Value text is always terminated by a newline, which the value text will not include. The value text is parsed differently depending on the type of the key. The key-value pairs may be in any order, except that the first key must be version.
Integer keys (also used for Booleans, with a 1 or 0) will have a value that is a simple integer not to exceed 32bits


The inputlog section consists of lines beginning and ending with a | (pipe). The fields are as follows, except as noted in note C. c port0 port1 port2
Field c is a variable length decimal integer which is a bitfield corresponding to miscellaneous input states which are valid at the start of the frame. Current values for this are
The format of port0, port1, port2 depends on which types of devices were attached. SI_GAMEPAD

Emulator Framerate constant

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