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This page archives and documents the little logo animations used by various different encoders in the encodes we publish.
It would be good if an animated or still (depending on if the logo is animated or not) sample can be provided from each.
WARNING: When posting a direct image link with replacement text, put an empty space at the end of the link, so the image doesn't get embedded into the page:
[http://i.imgur.com/12345.png |My logo]
My logo
Same template as Brushies, with adelikat's avatar
TODO: Versions to list:
  • Original Famtasia anim.
  • Povray-animated (helmet, star across screen)
  • Marioscene with Rockman.EXE zipping
  • Ancient text background with Mog waving hands and then bowing
  • Milly emerging from a helmet
  • Special-occasion ones (Rockman2, Olympus, CV2, Pok√©mon blue)
Samus flying across a prehistoric landscape
Same template as Nach's, with Brushies avatar
Tux with a rocket launcher avatar, Rockman X's victory pose and beams out
  • Variation: X with his full X 2 armor.
Dual movie version (Rockman jumps from a screen to another)
GabCM (Mister Epic)
My first logos were animated, but they were too distracting, so I deleted them.
Text on backgrounds taken from the Julia fractal
SD logo (Consoles)
SD logo (DOS)
HD logo
Same template as Nach's, with Maza's Final Fantasy 5 based avatars
Derived from Bisqwit's star across screen animation, without star and with text waving up and down, with Nach's customizations
160x144 (Game boy) "Kid Dracula (Alucard)"
240x160 (Game boy advance) "Dracula"
256x224 (Various SD) "Dracula"
256x384 (NDS stacked) "Dracula"
320x224 (Various SD) "Dracula"
1920x1280 (All HD, was resized/pillarboxed/letterboxed as needed) "Dracula"
There are a few other older variants that are slightly different, as well as adjusted versions for other specific SD resolutions, but this should mostly cover it.
Bisqwit's v1 template with Phil's logo
sgrunt's logo with lens flare effect
A2600: Standard
Arcade: 4:3, Horizontal (cropped to wide resolutions), Vertical (cropped to tall resolutions)
DOOM, DOS & Windows: Standard
GB: Standard
GC: 4:3, 16:9
Genesis: Standard
N64: Standard
NES: Standard
PSX: Standard
SMS: Standard
SNES: Standard
Virtual Boy: Standard, Greyscale, Red
Wii: 4:3, 16:9
Old design for the NES ones I deleted when I made my new logo.
New Design

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