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A japanese RPG that became infamous for being bootlegged into Pokemon Diamond/Jade. This run attempts to show how even the original versions have major glitches in them. =p

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA-v24-alpha
  • Control Force Teleports
  • Walk Through Walls
  • Manipulates Luck


Glitch 1: Controlled Force Teleport

Normally, when you open the map, nothing happens. But, on the 6th frame the phone rings and in a laggy area, the following occurs:
  1. NPC's dissappear
  2. NPC's become invisible
  3. NPC's transform
  4. Forced Teleport to last position
  5. Game Crash
  6. Nothing
  7. Game screws up
  8. Combination of above
My original plan was to get result 7, force the game to take me to Bulian Site as I walk to another acre of the map, and get to the boss that way. Unfortuanately, that type of glitching was only accomplished once by sheer luck, and is incredibily difficult to do.
So, I've changed my plan, and instead made the game to force teleport me to a door, where I would trick the game into thinking I was indoors, but actually outdoors. I simply walked to another acre, and the game forcefully warped me to another exit at Fuwula Village, assend the mountain, repeat the glitch at the antenna tree up top, and finally walk all the way to Bulian site.

Glitch/Trick 2: Delaying the Phone

If the map/menu is opened during the 59th second of the ingame timer, a call from a Denjuu would be delayed to the next minute. This was used twice to make it to the top of Bebli Mountain without needing to wait another 5 minutes.

Glitch 3: NPC Reset

Saving and reseting the game resets the NPC's position back to the original, so it can be used to skip unnessesary battles.

Stage by Stage Comments:

Tulunk Village:

The first place you appear in, it is where the CFT was first used to get to Fuwula village. The reason is because the first village's house in the second screen is connected with a house in Fuwula village, so I can glitch myself up and exit at the house in Fuwula village. Since there's nothing to do for 3 minutes, I wasted time by manipulating a whole field of Diamonds, play around with the map, and ran around in circles. The battle at the end was to prepare the glitch.

Fuwula Village/Bebli Mountains:

The destination of the warp. I skip talking to some Denjuu there as I do not need to activate the event to continue the plot. I switched to Kokia as it does more damage to Potzal, which I'll use until near the top. You might think it seems unoptimized, but that is incorrect. Since the next phone call occurs 5 minutes later, I have time to do whatever as long as I can make it to the top. I somehow delayed the phone call at 10:00, even though battles don't delay calls. I recruit a level 49 Raigaleon to fight the 2 Bashou at Bulian Site. I named it 21337 (Too Elite) just because I have the time. I glitched into the door leading to the Antenna tree, so I can walk through walls and into the last area of Bulian Site.

Bulian Site:

The final area of the game, it is comprised of 12 floors filled with unavoidable enemies, but I skip all that and proceed to the final floor of the ruins. I used Raigaleon to 2HKO the Bashous and recruit them to fight Doomsday. Even though Doomsday is nearly 10 levels stronger, I managed to 2HKO him and beat the game.

Other comments

Potential Improvement

This movie demonstrates what happens if you succesfully glitched up the game. It may be used to warp all the way to Bulian Site, but I could not seem to reproduce it. Hopefully, someone who can do it may obesolete this submission.


DarkKobold: Claimed.
DarkKobold: Not much feedback, sadly. However, the feedback that came in was extremely positive, and the movie is awesome, and full of glitching. This will also hopefully appeal to our Japanese audience. Accepting.
Suggested Screenshot:
DarkKobold: Replacing submission, and keeping as accepted.

Mister Epic: Encoding + publishing.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #3129: jlun2's GBC Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Speed Version in 14:44.07
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The constant battles & walking around were kinda grating but the glitching made up for it. Its a shame you couldnt figure out how to teleport instantly to Bulian Site though but nice run none the less. Yes Vote.
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I voted yes, the glitches were badass... but I'd appreciate more explanation. Why get two white dragons? Why did you capture the spiny dude and never use him? Why did you spend a ton of time in the map screen? Why did it take so long to get the first door glitch?
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DarkKobold wrote:
I voted yes, the glitches were badass... but I'd appreciate more explanation. Why get two white dragons? Why did you capture the spiny dude and never use him? Why did you spend a ton of time in the map screen? Why did it take so long to get the first door glitch?
A White Dragon's attack does only 120 damage with critical. Since the boss has 187 HP, I needed 2 dragons to kill it off quickly. I captured the spiny dude to waste time while waiting for the phone to ring. I spent alot of time at the map to do something while the waiting. The game seems to account for the time spent on doing other stuff, so time wouldn't be lost. The phone rings about every 5 minutes. Using a glitch, it can be delayed indefinitely. Unfortunately, that means around 3 minutes of the begining is spent waiting for the phone to ring. There's a potential improvement I mentioned before, where its possible to glitch the game severly to skip all the way to Bulian Site (Or just about any tile of a section of the map), but I can't seem to reproduce it. I did it once before, as seen in this WIP, so if anyone wants to improve this run, yea.
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As someone who is obsessed with this series, this run surprised even me. I never knew about that walk through walls glitch, and only when I read the explanation did I understand how it works. Seems nearly impossible to do in real time, though. I'm confused to why the game warps you to Flaura Village, though. When you used the glitch, did the game warp you to inside that house in Flaura Village? I guess I'll have to download the movie file to see for myself where it takes you (VBA's memory viewer will help me a lot here). I also wasn't aware of the glitch where sprites (e.g. T-Fangers) reset to their original position when you turn on the game. I'm surprised by this, because it doesn't work for heavy boxes, which is something that I attempted a long time ago (if you try it with boxes, the game always places you right next to it when you turn the game back on). Anyway, nice shortcut. Also, nice RNG abuse to get Potzal in Pepperi Mountains using a weak Kochia and later getting two Bashous in Burion Ruins (Reshiram looks a lot like this, by the way...). This wasn't a surprise, since luck manipulation is routine in TASes, but it was entertaining to see the enemies use Denma attacks and see them missing all the time... Although, one thing I noticed: Once in a while you waited a second before you made a move. Now, I understand that it's to manipulate luck, but is it possible to eliminate this at all? You can read about Telefang's RNG here. Basically, Telefang has a frame counter, and two seeds. The sum of these seeds directly determine all the random events in this game, and the two seeds change after every random event -- this is largely based on the counter and the current values of the seeds. Therefore, the timing of one random action can affect the results of future random actions, due to the seeds. It may not be possible to further optimize this, but it's worth considering for future runs if it is. Another thing: I never realized how huge Reshiram's Bashou's Denma Attack is until I saw it fighting Doomsday. Doomsday's Denma Defense is huge (IIRC, at Level 72, it is 124), which means Demna attacks usually do almost nothing against it. Bashou's Denma Attack, however, is 107 at Level 62, so that is enough to kill it in two hits (not counting the charge-up turns). Finally, I noticed that Doomsday's sprite is missing. I laughed at this, even though I've seen this before when abusing GameShark codes in the past (like warping to any location). Apparently in order for his sprite to be visible, there has to be some event that triggers it, which you skipped due to glitching (that kind of thing happens a lot in this game). Oh well, it's cosmetic, and it's hilarious to hear him talk even though you can't see him. I voted yes here, without a doubt. In closing... THANK YOU FOR YOUR PLAYING!
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Not familiar with the game, but the glitches were cool. Liked it, and it looked well played. Yes vote.
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A pokemon clone with phone themes that gets the same treatment as the original; severe glitching to skip most of the game. It's an easy yes vote.
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Telefang?! With the fang and the tele and the rawr rawr rawr? (Didn't get too far in this game, but it was fun to watch.)
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Can anyone please replace the submission file with this? It's a 877 frame improvement due to a new strategy.
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [1791] GBC Keitai Denjuu Telefang: Speed Version "warp glitch" by jlun2 in 14:44.07