Post subject: ColecoVision Wishlist
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Now that ColecoVision games are TASable, I thought I'd start a wishlist for it. When I was testing games in BizHawk I found these as possibly good for TASing Montezuma's Revenge Chuck Norris Galaxian Oil's Well Q-bert II Oil's Well is particularly interesting because it is some very unusual gameplay (and odd subject matter) and looks like solutions to the levels could be really surprising.
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Montezuma's Revenge, Smurf and Venture are just great! I will try Venture someday.
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First off, I'd like to apologize, I accidentally posted a wish list in the Other games thread. :P I deleted it. Q*Bert.
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Cosmic Avenger for ColecoVision might be interesting. It's also an arcade game.
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1 game - Gamester81 The Video Game Its new, so...
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Zaxxon. First game I ever remember playing. Has to be done
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id like to see a TAS of Campaign 84 on coleco its a game where you ban shoes with laces from somewhere I think
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I would love to see the following : Illusions (Strangest game ever) Bump 'n' Jump Miner 2049er Beamrider And the superior River Raid.