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I'm not working on it at the time, but I want to leave here if there is interest. Link to video I found a great race. But I'm more interested in objective type destroy everything from enemies to objects.
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I'm not sure if a TAS of this game is a good idea if it's aiming only to beat the game. I bet one would have to make a playaround of this game, one that's similar to adelikat's Gradius playaround, if this game will have a TAS of it accepted and published. This game doesn't have options like Gradius does, which I assume is problem #1. Problem #2 is this game's obscurity, since it was never released Stateside...or anywhere else, for that matter. Anyway, this game. I only know it exists because I saw Joel of Vinesauce (or whomever else) play a multicart that had this game on it. This game also got referred to as B WANG [sic] by said multicart. Multicart aside, this shooter looks pretty interesting, what with its variety of weapons you can choose from before you start a level. I'm still not sure if a playaround TAS of this game could make it into publication, though. And no, I've never played this game before. This is all I can do to help you until I play and/or beat this game for myself.
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