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Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.2 (Default Settings)
  • BIOS : ps-30a.bin (SCPH-5501)
  • Aims: Fastest possible completion

Stage-by-stage comments:

Level 1:

  • Current TAS: 0:50,29
  • This: 0:49,33
  • Different jumps on boxes in first room
  • Slightly faster going through box

Level 3:

  • Current TAS: 1:02,66
  • This: 1:01,94
  • Different jump at beginning before demolition ball damage boost
  • Different jumps to get to mattress after the demolition ball damage boost
  • Slightly faster going throug pile of wood

Level 4:

  • Current TAS: 1:02,33
  • This: 1:02,00
  • Going slightly faster through dynamite box at beginning
  • Going slightly faster through stone block in pyramid
  • Going slightly faster through door that blocks the way to the pyramid (on the way back with the key)

Level 2:

  • Current TAS: 0:59,73
  • This: 0:59,46
  • Got the trick to not fall off the rails before going uphill through a tunnel

Level 5:

  • Current TAS: 0:13,06
  • This: Immeasurable because the game was paused
  • Got a bad plant pattern, most likely my TAS is a bit slower in this level

Level 6:

  • Current TAS: 0:37,85
  • This: 0:37,12
  • Going faster through the stone
  • Maybe going slower through the gate

Level 7:

  • Current TAS: 0:59,46
  • This: 0:58,57
  • Did not fall off the cables after the electric sparks dodging
  • Used a different route near the end

Level 8:

  • Current TAS: 1:08,24
  • This: 1:05,50
  • Slight movement improvements
  • Different route after stealing pillow
  • Route improvement after stealing key

Level 9:

  • Immeasurable
  • Jumped on the platform in front of the dinosaurs head from the platform below

Level 10:

  • Current TAS: 0:59,26
  • This: 0:59,16
  • Some route changes

Level 11:

  • Current TAS: 0:46,69
  • This: 0:46,26
  • Route change near exit door
  • Took bomb and used window at the same time

Level 12:

  • Immeasurable
  • Slightly better pattern

Level Select:

  • Improved level enter positions
  • Improved jump out of window
  • Improved jumping from Level 8 to Level 9
  • Maybe slower when jumping on green house because speed drops when landing

Thanks to:

  • adelikat for TASing this game twice and finding various movement optimizations (e.g. when going through bombable objects)

Fog: Judging.
Fog: Nice decent improvement.
Accepting as an improvement to the previous publication.
feos: People say it will be a perfect submission to test against my new multiresolution function (and other tweaks to the scripts). Letsa go!

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So after most of my unique new innovative additions have been sorted out, I'm encoding this now.
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