Post subject: Dolphin Lua engine (custom build)
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Hey guys! A while ago I started working on porting the Lua engine of Dolphin Zelda Edition (made by dragonbane0 - to revision 4.0-4222, as that's the Dolphin version I mostly use for TASing (and it's a revision very close to Zelda Edition, so I wouldn't have much trouble in porting). After some time, I managed to finish a barely functional build of Dolphin that supports Lua scripts. Details on how the build and the script works can be seen in this video (and in its description): Link to video As you can see, having a Lua engine like this is extremely helpful for TASing, so I thought this build could be useful for you guys as well. You can download this custom build in this link: However, there are a few things yet to be fixed to support every implemented function and callback (details in the video description). If you know C++ and would like to help, please let me know! I'd also like to know the possibility of implementing this in the official Dolphin repository. Can that be done once we get a clean Lua engine working?
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There's a python backend in progress: Instead of starting over, perhaps help with that one?