#6307: Taechuk's DS Tetris Party Deluxe "sprint" in 00:43.04

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Tetris Party Deluxe is a Tetris game for the Nintendo DS, which has many modes like Marathon, Sprint (this movie's mode), Shadows and many more. Sprint mode asks you to clear 40 lines as fast as possible, which this TAS does with an In-Game Time of 23.16.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: DeSmuME 0.9.9
  • Aims for lowest In-Game Time
  • Bus-Level Timing On
  • Plays Tetris fast, I mean, it's a TAS, it has to.


Tetris Party Deluxe runs at 30fps during a Tetris game, and uses modern Tetris mechanics, like SRS and the 7 piece bag (or whatever it's called). Sometimes, rotating a piece early makes it appear 1 frame sooner, which I used a few times during this TAS.
The European version was used because 1- I accidentally got it instead of the US version and 2- There isn't the ESRB screen when booting, making this 1-2 seconds faster.
I could have finished the run with a perfect clear, however I would have needed to clear a single line first, which would have been overall 6 frames (3 frames at 30 fps) slower. So I just dropped the S-piece.
After testing multiple sequences, even attempting building 9-0, this was the fastest way to build I found, which is 6-3. This allows me to drop the I-pieces really fast.
I'm not sure if I missed any optimisation while moving pieces, but I'm sure there is a way to end on a Tetris perfect clear. I think it could probably go under 23 seconds.
<You may also suggest screenshots.> Any frame between 1075-1099, when "READY?" is shown.

Memory: Judging
Memory: Gameplay optimization appears solid. There are some minor menu improvements possible, but they impact RNG, meaning such improvements cannot be synced with the existing movie.
The gameplay is standard superhuman Tetris fare and people seemed to enjoy it enough.
The mode appears to be completely separate from all other modes, rendering it an acceptable goal.
Accepting to Moons.
Spikestuff: Publishing.

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This looks a ton more optimized, though I am not sure if it's still worthy of being accepted. btw, you should probably cancel your older submission. EDIT: nevermind, im dumb. it's not the same author.
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LOL Oh my goodness. Way to go in making this so optimized that you leave one piece at the end. Yes vote
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The original poster who made the unoptimized Tetris TAS just got obliterated! Will he ever recover? It's doubtful...
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I'm curious what can be optimized both in the game and out. As hitting Left on selection reaches you to Sprint Mode in 3 inputs compared to right in 5. And this game features set randomness meaning that stalling/holding for pieces won't change your pieces. This is a much better ingame comparison to the other movie which I am voting Yes for but I'm curious if the time can be pushed further to a sub 20 IGT for example.
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I wonder if this game does display the credits roll if you beat all modes. Also, it seems that the Japan version added a new mode, "Mission Mode".
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I'm pretty sure there is no credit sequence if you beat all modes. Even if there were, I don't know if you would need to beat all bombliss, shadow and stage racer levels.
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [3932] DS Tetris Party Deluxe "Sprint" by Taechuk in 00:43.04
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it's sad that this game runs at 30 fps. running 60 fps would allow 30 fps hypertapping, and significantly reduce time. if i understand things right you can only tap at 15 fps to move?