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Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.2.2
  • Heavy glitch abuse


After Dream Team Contest 7 concluded, almost everyone involved died from a food poisoning incident at a McDonalds was too burnt out on this game to work on it further in order to create a submission. Since the winner of the contest (Team 4: pirate_sephiroth, Exonym, FatRatKnight, Bloopiero) had the fastest TAS for all but the last stage, it was suggested that their submission be grafted with the submission with the fastest final stage (Team 🦆: The8bitbeast, Mittenz, tjblakely, lapogne36). Then nothing happened for months until Memory, the host of the contest finally did exactly that because seriously somebody needed to do something with this.


I don't feel like doing this somebody else do it if they want this

Stage by stage comments

Same as above

Final Comments

Memory: I chose the game because I had seen some RTAs years ago and felt that the game would appear radically different in a TAS setting. I also felt that the movement options of the game (largely apple jumping) would lead to unique TASes for the contest, which was my primary reasoning for choosing the game.
My only direct contributions to this movie are strictly related to the grafting of Team 7's final stage to Team 4's submission. I had to modify the end of Team 4's Dark Forest World to get the subpixels close enough to what Team 7 had and then had to make some additional modifications to the screen with the floating hand boss thing of Team 7 in order to get the submission to sync the rest of the way.
I would like to revisit this game some day since it is likely that more time can be shaved but as is this movie is very entertaining and I'm glad I chose it for the contest. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Truncated: Judging.

Truncated: Lots of action, going faster than the game can handle, and some nice other tricks and glitches (even though, as was mentioned in the thread, some of it might be easy to miss for the casual viewer). The users seems to like it as well. Overall I think it's a movie that deserves a place in the moons category.
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Masterjun is probably so happy that you included tree face dude in the submission text.
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EZGames69 wrote:
Masterjun is probably so happy that you included tree face dude in the submission text.
Him reposting the gif on IRC might have been the reason I thought to include it in the first place.
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Watched this game just 2 hours before submitting. This is an interesting mechanic, which looks unusual for most games. Yes vote.
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Despite the fact that I little contributed with DTC7, I really find this movie entertaining and impressive. By the way, I'm still amazed that a game like this isn't a bootleg.
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It's such a shame that most skips are not obvious to the viewer at all. Still entertained. Voted yes.
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I thought the best TASers of the DTC7 were doing the submission ! If people want to try to improve it I can try as well but i'm not sure i'll be that useful. anyway very entertainning TAS, yes vote.
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A long overdue movie for TASVideos, glad to finally see it!
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I didn't make the cut in this competition, but this movie should definitely join the annals of wacky games that are heavily optimized. yes vote
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [4034] NES Donald Land by FatRatKnight, pirate_sephiroth, Exonym, Bloopiero, The8bitbeast, Mittenz, tjblakely, lapogne36 & Memory in 08:36.13