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Probably too boring to publish. This was really just an early test of some general-purpose software I am writing to assist in TAS/RTA routing. For this game it is pretty simple to solve for optimal solutions. First every possible solution (set cover) is found using the dancing links algorithm, then I analyze each cover individually for the fastest overall ordering of piece placements.
I am pretty certain that the level solutions themselves are optimal; the only exception would be if there exists a level where the fastest possible solution involves temporarily picking up a piece, dropping it somewhere & returning for it later, which would be a lot more complicated to search for.
There is also some kind of frame rule weirdness where delaying pressing Start at the end of a level actually saves a frame overall.
I hope I can use this software to improve a less boring game (I am pretty sure it can be adapted to work on the Tetris TAS for example)

feos: Judging...
feos: Replacing with a GBA BIOS resync, which resulted in console verification.
feos: The movie is good, but there was no definitive feedback, only mixed one, and pure puzzle games like this don't get high entertaining rating often. Acceping to Vault.
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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #7162: Jigwally's GB Daedalian Opus in 10:30.63
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I didn't know there was a puzzle game based entirely on pentomino tilings! Considering pentominoes are the only n-ominoes (other than n=1 or 2 which are trivial) for which all of them can be tiled into a rectangle, I'll post screenshots of some beautiful rectangle tilings: Not sure what the "dancing links algorithm" is (I'm not familiar with algorithms for coverings), but it's interesting how you use mathematical algorithms to solve a problem related to a TAS.
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This TAS is, interesting to say the least. Honestly borderline Meh/Yes for me, but I think I would have to go with Meh here. I took a bit of a look with the execution, and I can say it looks quite optimized. I couldn't find anything particularly suboptimal with the TAS, you definitely did a great job with that bot of yours. I did noticed an oddity of the "framerule" thing you mentioned. I appears that it's more just timing sensitive, doing something like delaying the middle of the puzzle solving or doing slightly different (but equivalent) solutions could reduce/add to the load times. Still, optimizing for this would blow up possible lag reduction solutions to an insane degree (and I guess technically sacrifices IGT for RTA for some cases lol), and the gain would be very minor, so probably not an issue for this submission. The feedback on this submission seems lackluster (barely any feedback/not many positive votes), although since this is fastest completion, it can be published into the Vault anyways. EDIT: Seems like some more Yes votes are coming in. I'm curious for people's reasons for voting Yes on this, considering the lack of forum posts explaining these votes.
Oh, I've also resynced this TAS with the GBA bios, for use in console verification. The "framerule" system ended up being wonky in GBA mode (probably just general timing differences between GB vs GBC/GBA), so I kept it optimized using the general delay action before load time (and interestingly saved a couple frames disregarding bios length, although this probably doesn't really count as real timesave anyways). An encode for the GBA resync can be seen here: Link to video If the author wishes, this movie file can replace this submission. I've also resynced the movie with the GB bios, if that is instead desired (interesting sidenote, the "framerule" system ended up being exactly the same despite timing differences with the unofficial built in bios vs real bios, don't know what this means other than GB is bs). Oh, and the cycle count is also missing in this submission, so the movie file has to be replaced with something anyways. EDIT: Also, why is the game version marked unknown in this submission? Shouldn't it be USA? fixed by author
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CPP's resync of Jigwally's TAS to the GBA has been console verified! Link to video
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CasualPokePlayer wrote:
If the author wishes, this movie file can replace this submission.
Sorry I forgot to respond. Yes this is fine. Thank you for the encodes and console verification!
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Without knowing the game it's hard to recognize the challenge in puzzles when they're solved so quickly. Also the intermission screens are very slow-paced and feel longer than actual play, killing the pace. Voted No.
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [4493] GB Daedalian Opus by Jigwally in 10:30.63