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Perfect run of Mega Man/Rockman.
No damage, no glitches, no deaths, no weapons used, and even no game overs/continues.
Unlike the previous one, no glitches used this time.
Not perfect still. I'll try this again. Please delete this speedrun.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #7487: Uncle Captain's NES Mega Man "perfect run" in 35:40.57
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This time, it is a completely fixed version of Mega Man/Rockman perfect run, unlike the previous one.
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You spend a lot of time stopping and collecting point bonus items. If you didn't do these actions, you'd be able to get the overall time much lower.
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I highly recommend looking at some of the other Mega Man runs on this site.
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Next time, please just upload any preview video you make, rather than using the Premiere functionality.
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Weirdly enough, the one published Mega Man run I'd recommend looking into is the very old 2003 run by Morimoto. That is one that doesn't take any damage throughout the game but definitely has areas to improve such as picking up unnecessary point orbs and sub-optimal jumps up ladders. I believe that, even without glitches and minimal weapon usage, you can push the time down on your run by quite a lot. It's also worth taking a gander at the Mega Man resources page on TASVideos for some additional game info. [5] NES Mega Man by Morimoto in 21:52.10 Wiki: GameResources/NES/Rockman
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OK, then. I am postponing again the new perfect run challenge on November 4, 2022 (with no damage, no deaths, no weapons, no glitches, and no continues).
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