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Edit : I think of some instant improvementšŸ˜…, before someone points out, I want to say that I will see for it in next 15-16 hours.
The encode has been edited.

This is a homebrew made for the Atari 2600 by Armscar Coder at AtariAge
In this game, Hank (delivery man) is going to deliver the parcels at different places.
The problem is that Hank suffers from Cynophobia, so dogs are treated as enemies.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.8
  • Completes one repetition of the game
  • Completes 3 levels
  • Also uses power-ups to shorten the missions


This game handles input on every third frame
  • When only one direction of input is given, it needs 3 frames of input to cover 1 pixel in that direction.
  • When 2 directions are to be covered, one input is in usual form (3 consec. frames) and the second input can be pressed on every third frame (explained below)

Stage by stage comments

1. South Pointe LN.

In this stage, Hank has to go towards the little house and deliver 4 parcels to Oliver(the boy) while being safe from Tinker(the dog). You can see that the Van flashes purple for some period because I caught the cat coming from Left-Culvert which acts as a power-ups house in this game. It gives specific powers on specific frames. I always used 2X power in which we can deliver 2 parcels at a time which saves a lot of time

2. Manning Dr.

In this stage, Hank has to deliver the parcel to Dr. Hackman and Dr. Chera while being safe from the Therapy Dogs. The 2X power-up is also used in this stage.

3. Mongolia Ave.

In this stage, Hank has to deliver the parcel to Dwight while being safe from the Hot Dog (literally). The 2X power-up is also used in this stage

Other comments

  • Armscar Coder's manual pdf can explain the story better.
    • Address 08 (or "53 FR") is a counter which helps in giving input while moving in 2 directions. Example : I'm going Down, while going Right, then I can map Down on all the frames and map Right on the frames when the value of this address is a multiple of 3.

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Updated the file with a 110 frame improvement. Also clearing the branch since for games without an ending, completing all unique content counts as an ending.
feos: "Fast feet" power-up ended up being 86 frames slower than "double package" in level 1 in my test, and the rest of the items seem completely useless for a TAS. Collisions in this game are not just giant rectangles, but sprites, so it matters how you run into a client or a car, and from my testing, positioning in this run looks optimal. Main direction input is held down all the time, so dodging the dogs doesn't waste time, aside from a couple places where "hot dogs" seem to be moving on a scripted pattern. Accepting.

despoa: Processing...

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I re-did the final level and tried giving the parcel before catching the cat. It saved so many frames User movie #637958103900137148 Now the time is 1:38.560
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Reviewing.... After seeing a review of this game on Zero Page Homebrew https://youtu.be/QHD_BZ9bNwY?t=3716, I have a concern that needs addressing. Completing one repetition doesn't seem to be enough to satifiy the rules, as difficulty increases in two different ways. For one, the game repeats with increasing number of parcels to deliver. Two, the speed of the dogs also gets faster later on. Because the run needs further development, I am going to test its optimization upon an updated movie file; however, it doesn't visibly appear to have glaring issues though. I've talked with MrTASer and he is going to look into adding more rounds to this TAS. Seems that the rules define a single loop, as being accepted...as long as no new content is shown. My first thoughts were that speed and increased tasks would qualify for this...meaning that you would continue until it no longer exhibits these increases. Then that leaves the term "significantly different" referring to other things besides speed and more activity.
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [4833] A2600 Doggone It! by MrTASer in 01:38.56