• Recorded with Snes9x v1.43+ (WIP1 timing, fake mute)
  • NTSC (US), unlike the previous runs
  • Fastest time to 99999 in Endless mode (then Game Over)
  • Hardest level, uses the "BALL" code (which however has no visible effect in the run)
Large improvement over the previous run, hitting 99999 in only 1:05 of play time instead of 2:00, mostly by having multiple chains going on at once to reach x13 faster, and using frame precise controls to be able to manage this.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #860: Acmlm's SNES Tetris Attack in 01:31.28
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Is there difference between PAL and NTSC versions other than that NTSC is 60 fps and PAL Is 50 fps? The challenged movie is PAL, and this submission is NTSC.
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Probably not much. I did watch this though (With my readily available NTSC ROM, joy) and I mean damn. Twice as fast as the current one, you'd have to be crazy to say no.
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Both look the same, but most things during gameplay move faster in NTSC (same frame timing), so this did give me an advantage with faster controls and chains ... ignoring possible lag differences, it's maybe 10-15 seconds faster than if it was done in PAL (but then you get even faster action), out of a 52 second improvement.
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If I'm understanding this correctly, everything occurs in the same number of frames, except that NTSC plays at 60 fps and PAL plays at 50 fps. Thus, the game would be 1.2 times longer (60/50) if it were played at 50 fps, so the PAL version would be 1:49. That is, assuming that company logos and menu selection also take the same number of frames to clear. The game portion would be 1:22.8 instead of 1:09. EDIT: Okay, I've just seen the movie. It's so fast I can't even really tell what's going on. I'm not sure that puzzle games of this variety make good TASes, but it certainly looked well done.
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Woah, that was fast. Just wondering, do you manipulate luck so the blocks come up in a specific order, in order to get better combos? I'm voting YES to this, by the way, I couldn't really tell what was going on either, but it looked cool :)
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i was fearing to do what u have done because i thought i would not be able to get lots of 13x-matchs this way.. even my new trial would be something like 10 seconds above yours (doing ~ 33000 points each 24 seconds.. ~ 99000 around 1:12).. i try again later something more daring, for now.. gj, voting yes^^ ps.: your first combo was very triumphant...
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Whew, I just watched this. Really beats the crap out of the published movie, yes vote from me.
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Holy... Publish this at once.
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [441] SNES Tetris Attack "fastest 99999" by Acmlm in 01:31.28
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I think it deserves a star too... How is it possible though? It seems faster than it should be able to be.
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This movie's control is definitely faster. I'm guessing this is frame precise, where as the other movie was not.
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this an incredible game. the only idea i can think of to make it better would be to get the help of the guys over at tetrisattack.net (they're awesome at this game). make a thread and post what blocks the game gives you, and ask them to find the optimal solve. it seems like 3x lag chains could be done more than not, but anyway, congrats for an awesome run.
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yeah, acmlm did a very good job^^ but.. i will still catch your run Ò_Ó also.. i was frame precise.. but not completely.. my second version was, but i was still losing to acmlm by 2 seconds.. so, i'll try a new one later^^ ppl from tetrisattack.net are really good.. in a no slow no rere mode they can do 15.000 points more than i.. my record is 44.000 in 2 minutes, while their is 60.000, well, anyway, i played this better years ago when i had it on console.. playing on pc sucks ;-;
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this guy beat it in 32 seconds.
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That video isn't even Tetris
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It is the Japanese equivalent to Tetris Attack. Very impressive video.
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What the holy hell? Can that even be beaten? I mean, assuming it's frame-perfect, I don't see many routes.
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About the only way to do it faster would be to find some way to create a combo greater than 32. It might be possible...I don't know.
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Like, say, 54? :p
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zvsp507 said, this combo bonus is available only in Japanese version. So it is not equivalent to Tetris Attack exactly.
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YouTube encode: Link to video