This is the improved version of my previous warped Arkanoid submission. This movie was already accepted when I cancelled it, since I knew that I was able to make a faster movie. This movie is 268 frames faster than the previous submission, which is roughly 4.5 seconds.
The improvements:
  • Round 4 (in this movie) is played very different. Instead of clearing all blocks, I now focus on getting as fast as possible to the block which can give me a warp. I manipulated the 'enemies' keep the ball at the top.
  • Since I understood the randomness system a little better, I was able to get warps from some blocks, from which I was previously unable to get warps (note that powerups are still attached to certain blocks, this cannot be manipulated). This saved me a few frames on most of the levels, which added up.
  • I still stop the boss fight at the frame the boss gets his final hit. I am using a slightly faster strategy at the end now, saving a few frames.
The rest of this submission text will be a copy of my previous submission text:
  • FCEU 0.98.15 / 0.98.16
  • Uses Warps and Cheats
  • Abuses Programming Errors
  • Uses Death
  • Uses Game Over
  • Aims for Fastest Time
Let me start of by stating this: This movie is not an attempt to obsolete Genisto's Arkanoid movie. (I am planning to do a full movie of the game)
To playback this movie make sure:
  • To set the second player input to 'Gamepad' instead of 'Arkanoid Paddle'
  • To use the US version
  • Probably FCEU 0.98.12 and higher will work, but 0.98.15 and 0.98.16 will work for sure
Note that the movie won't desync if this is done... not even when you think it desyncs. Let me explain what's going on:
There are two main cheats in this game:
  • Pressing start+A will teleport you to the next level. (this only works for the first 16 levels)
  • Holding A+B and pressing select 5 times, will allow you to continue from the level you died. This second trick is of importance.
If you wait long enough at the title screen, you will see the story of the game. If you wait a little longer a demo will start playing. The computer controls the arkanoid paddle, but the player is in control of the "A"-button. This allows you to launch the ball, and to shoot if the computer happens to pick up a power up like laser.
The demo will play 5 different levels if you wait long enough:
  • demo 1 = level 14
  • demo 2 = level 15
  • demo 3 = level 23
  • demo 4 = level 30
  • demo 5 = level 5
Level 30 isn't influenceable with pressing A, because of the nature of the level. Level 23 (the third demo) however is influenceable! By pressing A at the right frame, the computer picks up the laser power up, which gives you even more influence on how the demo will end. The computer is programmed on staying underneath the ball, but if you change to laser, or from laser to something else, your arkanoid paddle will shrink for a short moment. With the right manipulation this enables you to die in the computer demo. The computer will go game over and you will be at the title screen again... pretty neat, but why would you want to do that?
As said before, there is a cheat (holding A+B and pressing select 5 times) to continue from a game over. This means you can continue from the place where the computer demo went game over! In this case level 23. Completing the levels this way is even faster than using the regular level skip cheat.
This glitch to gain access to level 23 very fast was discovered by FODA. Thanks again!
For the levels that follow (all numbered differently since level 23 is seen as level 1 now) I use warps most of the time. The blocks that give you powerups are determened by the game, and aren't manipulatable (certain blocks will always give you a power, others won't ever). However, which powerup a certain block gives you is manipulatable. Getting the warps all the time required a great deal of luck manipulation. This movie aims for the fastest possible time, using all possible means.
The movie stops at the last hit. Stopping the movie earlier would have been possible to complete the game, but you would be able to keep the movie from finishing by pressing start after input time, so I stop the movie after the point of which this is possible.
Hope you enjoy this weird movie :)

adelikat: Accepting for publication. The previous one was accepted, so naturally this faster one should be too :)
BoltR: This run has been giving some of us playback issues, but I finally got it to work properly. Encoding begins.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #1325: Baxter's NES Arkanoid "Warped" in 04:32.12
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Hmm, nice manipulation, though not as entertaining as I hoped it to be. Seems publishable, though, so I'll give it a weak yes… Meanwhile, can't wait for the full run. :)
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I don't really understand this run. It's a neat glitch that you can cause the computer to die, but personally I don't think it's worth making a full run out of. I was impressed and surprised by how many of the warp "pills" you manipulated :) Edit: And I am extremely looking forward to the full run as well. / Biker Mice From Mars holleratyourboy!!!!!!!!
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Interesting run, I reckon it would have been more magnificent if you managed to manipulate the first hits to always produce a warp. The waiting for the demo to finally turn up was a bore... but at least it looks well done after that :) It's well done enough for me, and the concept is novel. YES vote
NesVideoAgent wrote:
* Uses Death
LOL, hmmm would the death of the CPU player in the demo count?? And I was wondering, could the CPU player in the demo be manipulated to pick a warp, and would it be possible to move it into the warp? What would then happen???
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I thought it was interesting but I also would like to see a full run. But anyway, Yes Vote.
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If that happens, I assume the demo would just end? And I assume the next demo would continue from whatever level it should be, but that is an interesting idea, though. Personally, I did enjoy the run, it showed off a fantastic glitch and some very well done, precisely gameplay. The movie's only four and a half minutes long for heaven's sake :) This run gets a yes from me.
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xoinx wrote:
I reckon it would have been more magnificent if you managed to manipulate the first hits to always produce a warp.
I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean the first hit of the demo, it cannot be manipulated to anything other than an 'S', and it cannot be caught, by any means. The only thing you can do to manipulate the demo level is press A. If you mean the first block of a level to produce a warp, like I said in the submission text, there are blocks that will ALWAYS give you powerups, and there are blocks that will NEVER give you powerups. I try to get as fast as possible to get to a block which gives me a powerup, and in my case, this powerup is always manipulated to be a warp.
xoinx wrote:
the concept is novel
I also think the concept is incredible. The programmers make some demo to show of the game. You are able to controll the A button (whether intended or not), and by the right timing you are able to influence your powerups. Even though the computer stays 100% underneath the ball no matter what, you are still able to die, since when switching laser, your paddle shrinks very shortly. This dying is counted as actually dying in the game at the level the demo is played... and with a code, this level can be accessed. And this all turns out to be even faster than using the level skip code which can be used for the first few levels. I think it's pretty amazing that this all came together like this.
xoinx wrote:
could the CPU player in the demo be manipulated to pick a warp, and would it be possible to move it into the warp? What would then happen???
The demo would just warp to the next level. However, the demo plays only for a short amount of time, so after that the other demo levels will just kick in. Instead of using a warp, you can also actually finish a level, with using laser. This also takes you to the next level, but is useless (you need to die and be game over for the code to work).
Uses Death
It'll edit this... I'll be "uses game over" :D
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I find this glitch very novel, I doubt the programmers would have thought it could happen that way. And wow, the most interesting "uses death" ever! Strong yes vote, despite the no input at the beginning confusing the hell out of me at first :p
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I haven't finished the movie yet but I paused after that awesome starting glitch to go vote yes! What an awesome glitch!
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:) good stuff!
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Ok, well, the actual gameplay was kind of boring, but luckily the game ended before it really started bothering me. Still a very strong yes vote from me.
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I've been looking forward to a warp run ever since I saw Genisto's warpless run. That run is an incredible achievement, but 16 minutes is a long time to watch balls smashing blocks. I wasn't expecting 22 levels to be skipped at the time, but I saw this trick demonstrated in one of the forum threads (I think) a long time ago, so I knew what was going on. That definitely seems like the fastest way to beat the game! Voted Yes. Interesting that the last two runs I've watched (Gradius and Arkanoid) featured the heads from Easter Island.
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Voting yes, although your reasoning for not ending the movie earlier seems a bit suspect.
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Ok, for some reason when I play the movie back I get nothing and my mouse controls the paddle while the movie's playing. Going into Input only confuses me further. 99% chance I'm retarded and there's some obvious setting that I don't know about.
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awwwwww you didn't use the messed up titles screens, it would've cost just 3 frames and add confusion to the viewer! if you hex edit and resubmit i'll vote yes :)
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First time I watched Arkanoid and through Baxters work, I was surprised and entertained. Nice work partner, voted yes.
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Guys I come from the DidyKnogRacist communite, and you are all wrong, tihs is the run of the mileniun and everyone who says otherwise dosnt know any bater! I found this run vary ease to masturbate too!!!! Don't fuck with me, I know this game so that mean I'm always right!StupedfackincommunityTASVideoz!!!!!!
Arc wrote:
I enjoyed this movie in which hands firmly gripping a shaft lead to balls deep in multiple holes.
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I don't want to get involved in this discussion, but as a point of fact C# is literally the first goddamn thing on that fucking page you linked did you even fucking read it
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Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [765] NES Arkanoid "warps, demo glitch" by Baxter in 04:32.12
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The screenshot is probably the best one ever taken here. Who'd expect a Game Over? (and to think it isn't even the run) But yeah, this... was rather boring, really. Sorry.
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I downloaded this video but found it unplayable. Is there a new codec being used?
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Poor Arkanoid, it was broken by Baxter! Yes vote
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There is something wrong with the MKV of this publication. Specifically, the volume level is VERY low.
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watched the movie. The glitch is interesting, but the rest of the movie looked boring to me. Looking forward to a new warpless run though. by the way, "uses a cheat code" should apply, shouldn't it? Bisqwit, did you really just create a new avatar color for this post? wow.
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Hmm, I suppose it is not as loud as usual, but I wouldn't say it's VERY low. I suppose I could do a quick redump of the sound.
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Tub wrote:
Bisqwit, did you really just create a new avatar color for this post? wow.
I had planned to add it for longer time. But now I did it. Hence I also updated the description, which you conveniently linked to. Incidentally, I also bought a "mood ring" yesterday. Seems like a cool toy.
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FODA wrote:
awwwwww you didn't use the messed up titles screens, it would've cost just 3 frames and add confusion to the viewer! if you hex edit and resubmit i'll vote yes :)
This makes me really disappointed. 3 lost frames to cause something odd/unexpeceted to happen? These days it seems a lot like 0.049917sec is too much to trade for a little more interesting things.