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Emulator sync settings:

  • Use wip1 timing

Movie goals:

  • Aim for fastest real time
  • Use no saves
  • Manipulate luck
  • Take damage to save time

About this movie:

This movie is 20,354 frames faster than the currently published any% run, or a little more than 5 and a half minutes. The in-game timer is 2 minutes faster, but that was not a primary goal of mine. The majority of this gain came from a few different factors. The new route alone helped to shave off a few minutes. The arm pumping saved at least a minute or so. Overall better playing and optimization probably saved another minute. I also made great effort to avoid the pause menu and collecting unnecessary items. Not so surprisingly this run follows a similar route as the 14% run, but with the addition of 4 extra items which saved a ton of time by comparison.
Most Super Metroid runs aim for the lowest in-game timer, while this run instead aims for the lowest real time. Due to the fact that I am favoring real time, I have made some unorthodox route choices. These choices keep the flow of the game moving and reduce the amount of items and door transitions down to the near minimum.
Making this run became exponentially easier as I moved along. My knowledge of the game has increased vastly and my playing ability has increased as well. I had a lot of fun making the route and seeing how much faster I could be than the current run. Needless to say I am happy with the results. The run could not have been possible without the help of many people. So I will list the people who helped me in any way during the making of this run.

Huge thanks to the following people (In alphabetical order):

Bisqwit – For nesvideos and the nesvideos forum, without which this run would not exist.
DeHacked – For his micro-storage system which hosted my movie files.
Evilchen – Supplied with a short wip of a run he was working on, and gave support during the making of this movie.
Gocha – For the awesome Snes9x memory watch tool.
JXQ – For his 100% run which set the standard for this game way higher than I thought imaginable. His run was the only run I had to compare times to, and this lead to an overall higher quality of my run. He was also kind enough to give advice and answer all my dumb questions.
Michael Flatley – The man who invented the arm pump! This single trick of his saves countless seconds in any Super Metroid Run. He is also responsible for the Phantoon 1 round kill, which I implemented in my run as a 2 round kill.
moozooh – Another great Super Metroid TASer. He helped motivate me to start my run. He also supplied me with gocha’s Snes9x memory watch tool and his own ini file that contained all the useful memory addresses in Super Metroid. He gave me much support throughout the run and answered many of my questions as well.
nitsuja – The great coder responsible for the Snes9x improvements.
OgreSlayer – Supplied a useful trick, and gave general support throughout the project.
saturn – He has invented countless tricks for this game. In my run I implement his super short charge technique on many occasions, and I also use his amazing Draygon battle strategy. He has given me much support along the way too and answered the many questions that I had during the making of this run.
terimakasih – He set the standard for Super Metroid TASes. Without his movies, I do not think I would have been as interested in doing this run. I used many of the tricks from his 14% run in this run.
And thanks to all the people on the forum that gave support to me during the making of this run.

DeHackEd: Wow. People seem to like it, and anything that empties the stack is a good thing for me.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #1441: hero of the day's SNES Super Metroid "any%, real" in 40:57.85
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I will watch this when I get back from work. Cheers!
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Alright, I've been waiting for a new Super Metroid any% for about 1.5 years, and finally, it is here. :D Very good work done in very short time. Allow me to give this run its first big yes vote!
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amaaaaaaazing you did it !!!! gratulations! for sure YES ;)
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Very Yes. This is an extremely well done and entertaining TAS of a great game. TASes don't get much better than this. Excellent job! :)
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Obvious Yes; Star for sure.
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I prefer this over in-game time. Congrats on finishing it, it looks great.
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wow, nice one. I was surprised to see mother brain that soon. Absolutely yes.
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My personal favourite moment I'd say in this was the beginning when Samus was on Ceres, that 'hopping in anticipation' to escape made me laugh more than anything else in the run. Totally a yes vote for an extremely well planned and executed run.
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I'll add another yes vote... great movie.
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Good as it gets, yes vote, congratulations on making a prominent movie, I really enjoyed this.
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That was quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen :) Interesting route choices, not a dull moment, definite yes.
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Congratulations, you got a star from me! Also I'm glad that my tool helped this excellent run. I really enjoyed the run. Yes vote, of course!
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One of the best TASes for sure! The most surprising thing in that run was the Red Brinstar shaft climb without HJ Boots. You just shot the beam from the ground and manage to keep it onscreen till the top to save some time by avoiding a otherwise needed bomb jump at the end of it. Very clever and amazing discovery, man! The use of the Shinespark through Mt. Doom on the way to Tourian was also phantastic. Perfect abuse of the low health stop, which indeed makes Space Jump completely useless in this run. And managing to keep and execute the, firstly thought to be impossible, Draygon Shinespark without HJ Boots right after Botwoon was a killer too. The route itself was extremely well planned, hard and very entertaining (mostly because of something new) to watch. The only slight mistakes I noticed were: - In WS, its around 8-10 frames faster to use the last PB right before Phantoons door instead of the area near the 2 Super Missiles. This area can be shot down with a couple of beam shots pretty well. A PB gains some time here, but not as much as in the pre-Phantoon room. - The first beam shot at Kraid to make him open his mouth was too early and caused some realtime lag. JXQ did the same mistake in his run. You can actually shot it much later and still hit him on the same frame, but with less lag that is caused by the beam on screen. - Ridleys final grab delay before the KO animation could be shortened a bit by optimizing the grab position. Other than this tiny errors the run looks excellent, so I give it a very big YES vote with a star! This is a serious and big improvement to the last published run, great and especially fast job hero! PS: The ingame timer is exactly 25,5 min. To get a 24 min display, you would need to save ~1800 frames, which I highly doubt beeing possible with this route.
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I liked it. Yes.
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Wow, that really made my day.
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Woohoo! Now i know why they call you hero of the day! My favorite parts would have to be when you become in danger exactly when you needed it, and your speed boost stops exactly at the right spot, in Maridia, or when Super Metroid tries to catch you but is too slow.. That was pure awesomness! Maybe it could still be improved but not for a while and not by much of course. I say its star time. That means YES :)
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yes vote! I was never interested in Super Metroid until you said you'd be improving this run, and you did a fantastic job.
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Post subject: Voting no
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I liked the old one better, but I think that was because it showed more variety (other than "ice beam throughout the game".) Mabye I'm confusing it with the 100% run, but... meh. I won't vote. I'm voting no. I found most of this run uninteresting and boring, mostly repitive. There were a few interesting points, but the lengths between them were mostly "run to next door, fire, enter door". Most of the run could be summed up that way, minus a few small points ("run out of shinespark energy just before door I need to go in", for example)... the interesting parts were too far apart and not very long. In the mean time, feel free to treat me like a jerk because I voted "No" on a 'popular' submission. Sigh.
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Easy vote yes. I have no clue what Xkeeper is talking about but everybody deserves their own opinion.
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Seems like people are getting unsatisfied with games that seemed to be universally loved in the past...
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Going to go ahead and vote yes on this. I too don't see how XKeeper can find this run repetitive when each room is treated in a unique and flavorful fashion. Poots to that. Also, I would suggest a screen shot of when Samus shinesparks out of the lava just before the elevator to Lower Norfair. Seeing a shinespark there at all, not to mention one that actually works, was impressive.
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Smashing run! I see why your nickname is Her Of The Day :))) You sir, certainly made my day O_o I especially liked evertime you took a hit to move faster and clever use of the spineshark. Give this man his well deserved star and I will gladly vote yes. *Raises Fist for our Hero*
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Guys I come from the DidyKnogRacist communite, and you are all wrong, tihs is the run of the mileniun and everyone who says otherwise dosnt know any bater! I found this run vary ease to masturbate too!!!! Don't fuck with me, I know this game so that mean I'm always right!StupedfackincommunityTASVideoz!!!!!!
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I enjoyed this movie in which hands firmly gripping a shaft lead to balls deep in multiple holes.
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Watching parts of this movie, even parts as trivial as Samus bouncing backward across the big floor of spikes (to ride the statue- you know, that part) it dawned on me how meticulously everything must have been planned. My only complaint is that there aren't more opportunities to do that speedboost-ram thing to kill bosses. Smash.
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Btw. here is a possible screenshot that would characterize this run very well: The very unexpected Maridia shinespark to Tourian which no other run would have the opportunity to use because of a different route.
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