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The Normal Stuff
.Aims for fastest time 
.Takes damage to save time 
.Abuses programming errors 
.Ignores delays caused by bonus effects 
.Emulator used Gens 11a.
.Suggested Screenshot
for this game must come to this page:
Sonic 1 Return to the Origin is a great hack of Sonic 1 by carretero. In this hack, you play through every level of sonic 1 from the end to the beginning (excepting final zone, which is played regularly). Naturally, this is a great change of pace for a sonic speedrunner, and a level system worthy of speedrunning. With that frame of mind, I set off to do my first ever tool assisted speedrun on this game. It is a work in progress, so expect better later.
A tool assisted speedrun is a speedrun which attempts to show a game pushed entirely to its limits. The game is played on a an emulator, with lowdown and savestates, until a perfect input is devised, beating the entire game as quickly as possible. This is my first ever tas, and is extremely unoptimized. As such, I plan on re-tasing the game at a later date, in the hopes of getting under 14 minutes. However, for a first tas, this is (in my opinion), fairly well done.
Level	        Time
Green Hill 1	0:20
Green Hill 2	0:27
Green Hill 3	0:34
Marble 1	0:42
Marble 2	0:52
Marble 3	0:53
Spring Yard 1	0:42
Spring Yard 2	0:36
Spring Yard 3	1:10
Labyrinth 1	1:19
Labyrinth 2	1:10
Labyrinth 3	0:58
Star Light 1	0:27
Star Light 2	0:27
Star Light 3	0:48
Scrap Brain 1	0:48
Scrap Brain 2	0:44
Scrap Brain 3	0:23
Final Zone	1:14
Total         14:30
Points of Interest:
Green Hill 1 - when they start to get up and jump to the ramp go right on with great speed Green Hill 3 - At the springboard from which you push backward (osea forward as this version is the other way around) takes you down and you hit the jump button as fast.
Spring Yard 2 - if you're coming by passing a ramp where you jump and go fast
Labyrinth 3 - since you will start to lose quickly and thus is: First when you start grab 1 or 2 rings Finally when these invincible for a few seconds you quickly strips where the arrows are pointed staying quiet
Scrap Brain 1 & 2 - My Favorite stage
enjoy the run!

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #2370: mil94's Genesis Sonic 1 - Retum to the Origin in 19:45.67
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om, nom, nom... blech, salty!
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Why was this cancelled this quickly?
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he realized it failed except in sy2?
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This seems more like it's a run that should be discussed in the game forums as a WIP before being submitted to the Workbench.
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