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Glitchfest and cool playing on best SNES soccer game.
Emulator and Options: SNES9X v1.43+ v17 for Windows
  • Use WIP1 Timing
  • Allow Left+Right/Up+Down
  • Fake Mute desync workaround
  • Sync samples with sound CPU
  • Clean FastROM setting
Movie Details:
  • Aims for Entertainment,
  • Abuses Programming Errors (A lot),
  • One Player Controls Two Players.
I hope you enjoy this run. Thanks Bisqwit for TASVideos, a place for us TASers.

Nach: I'm usually bored out of my mind watching others play sports. This movie seemed to start out as no exception. But then after a couple of minutes it got rather hilarious to watch. It seems others agree. So with a consensus of 0 to 0, I'm accepting this.

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Wow, that was absolutely amazing! I was laughing all the time. :D This is by far one of the funniest TASes I've seen, along with the current Altered Beast movie (by another Brazilian player, I believe). My favorite parts were those almost-goals by the Argentine team. :P Thanks a lot for making this, I really enjoyed it and now I will show it to some of my friends, who are big fans of this game, too. :D
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I didn't think I would enjoy this (I don't normally like playarounds), but the sudden and unexpected appearance of glitches salvaged things. What I'd really appreciate is more explanation of the glitches used. I'm especially curious about the tricks affecting the score counter and how you managed to get it to overflow. Even without that, though, this deserves a yes vote.
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I never expected this game to be THIS broken. 10'd and GT err I mean yes vote. Brazil winning 0-0 versus Argentina? Awesome!
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This was AMAZING. It confused me for a little bit, since the Argentinian goalie was wearing yellow (since all the Brazilian players except the goalie also wear yellow here), but the play was downright incredible. I couldn't help but think "Run Forrest!" in any part with Brazil's goalie running out. Also, the beatdown on the Argentinian goalie (the one that ends with a double belly-slide) reminded me of Shaolin Soccer. Very good first submission, Marcokarty! Also, by the way, when I tried this on SNES9x 1.43+ v15.3, not only did it desync horribly, but ever since then, my emulator has been playing everything abnormally sped up. Any idea what's causing this? EDIT: Figured out my bug; somehow frame skip got set to "Fixed" instead of "Automatic" and this caused things to go haywire.
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Unbelievable TAS! Very well planned. You've an amazing eye for entertainment man, keep on TASing! Obvious Yes Vote. Sorry Argentina. hehe
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Awesome play. It was fun, it was entertaining, it was tricky and it was Brazil x Argentina! Yes. Of course.
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I laughed so I hard, I had to pause the movie for a minute. Yesyesyesohnoowngoal?! vote.
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"Wow" really covers it all. Yes vote.
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Oh my, that was beautiful. I was laughing pretty much non-stop. I think my favorite element was how the score got increasingly divorced from reality. Nice work! Thanks for the encode, sgrunt!
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This is probably one of the most funny movie i saw so far, like sayd earlier pretty much laughting my ass the whole run, except maybe the 2 first minutes, but it realy gets crazy then. Very easy yes vote.
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I'm sorry, but I can't in all honesty give this a yes vote. While it was well done, I couldn't stand watching it for more than 6 minutes. Unfortunately I found it to be rather boring.
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Thats fine, youll be the only one having miss a very good glitching movie More seriously, like sgrunt i wonder how in the hell he could glitch so much the goal counter? And why does he use the 2nd player at some point? that was looking so goofy but i guess its tied to the rest of the mess going on after Also why on hell the referee is a dog ? wtf... someone got high while making that game
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I knew this game had some bugs, but this run went even better than what I was expecting to see. And that was a nice penalty kick.
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Bisqwit wrote:
Drama, too long, didn't read, lol.
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Very, VERY entertaining run! I couldn't believe the game was THAT broken. Very artistic and fun to watch. Definately a yes vote.
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This is the funniest soccer videogame gameplay video ever made. Prove me wrong, please.
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Thank you for making a TAS that does not aim for fastest completion, but is very publish-worthy. I know this has been in the works for quite some time, and it shows. It was a good watch. It even caught the atention of a friend of mine who thinks TASes are boring. Not this one. Yes vote!
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Time and time again the laws of physics are broken. Of course I yes voted.
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This is amazing. I have to say that so far this is the most entertaining movie of 2010, and even this decade. Yes vote.
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Raiscan wrote:
This is amazing. I have to say that so far this is the most entertaining movie of 2010, and even this decade. (for just now)
A well timed yes vote from me.
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YES! my favorite game(sports) and now my favorite TAS . congratulations homie
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Now this is the type of run which really deserves a star. So many funny moments :) Easy yes vote and I hope it gets a star. Great job Marco, hope you will pick another soccer game to work on. There is a soccer game in psx called Fifa 97 or 98, Ronaldo is extremely quick. Maybe you can take advantage of his speed and do some ridiculous and entertaining stuff with him :)
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I enjoyed this movie in which hands firmly gripping a shaft lead to balls deep in multiple holes.
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I don't want to get involved in this discussion, but as a point of fact C# is literally the first goddamn thing on that fucking page you linked did you even fucking read it
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That was fantastic. Very funny and entertaining. This is the epitome of the playaround movie and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get any better. Yes vote.