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00 - WIP #1

00 - WIP #2

Thread Discussion
00 - WIP #1
My initial theory is that momentum is going to be pretty valuable, so I took kind of a snaking route here to conserve it
as much as possible. One thing that surprised me was that phasing the block at the top and falling through was actually
faster than going down the ladder and around by 2 frames. Climbing down ladders is very costly I suppose, and should be
avoided. This being my first TAS I'm very much open to feedback. I plan to redo this level a few times using different
routing theories to get a better idea of how to run future levels and polish my maneuvering skills.
1: I think climbing the ladder would be faster than flying up, since climbing gets to full speed instantaneously.
2: I'm not sure about this one, but you spend a lot of time turning around so it might be faster to land briefly and
reset your vertical velocity.
3: You spend a lot of time accelerating to the right. Can you instead walk on the platform for a frame or so to get back
up to full speed?
4: Clipping the ceiling here wastes a ton of time reattaining your vertical velocity. Start your ascent later to avoid that.
1. Good point about the ladders, in fact even climbing one frame on a ladder boosts your vertical speed quite a
bit. After some testing it looks like climbing up for one frame and then flying the rest of the way is the fastest way
up, very useful!
2. Gave this a look, it is about a frame faster.
3. I played around with this and it didn't seem to make a difference. This does work in dead-end corridors though.
4. Absolutely, that was kind of sloppy.
I made a route change. Going right after you grab the tank, doing the loop, and then getting the gems in the
stone room after saves about 20 frames. I should have a new WIP up fairly soon.
Can using your phaser while flying be abused to gain velocity in a preferred direction?
Just tested this and it appears that you can, in a way. The phaser has sort of a "correction" system in that it will
position you into the center of the nearest wall (or block of empty space) if you are outside of it. This can be abused
for example when you need to drop down one square while flying. Normally you would have to turn the jetpack off for
about 8 frames, which sabotages your horizontal velocity. Instead, you can fall for about 4 frames, put the jetpack back
on, and then turn the phaser on, which will push you down the rest of the way while still maintaining some velocity. For
a drop of more than one square I would probably chain these together, if there's room for it.
Second WIP, saves about 3 seconds:
00 - WIP #2
A new route and a couple new tricks have been implemented. Using ladders to gain speed (I'll just call it "ladder-
boosting") saves several frames each time you do it, so I'm keeping an eye out for any opportunities for it. I not only
used it to get in the stone room but with a couple other ladders as well. Also used the phaser to fall more efficiently
in a couple of places.

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There is a single fuel tank at your starting position.

01 - WIP #1

01 - WIP #2

Thread Discussion
01 - WIP #1
I thought the teleporters would be useful here, but I just couldn't see a good route involving them. I'm pretty happy
with what I came up with, especially getting the last gem. Fuel was tight but didn't hinder the route.
01 - WIP #1 (green), Nach (purple)
Also some consideration has to be given to block busting, as some not so obvious short cuts are available if one phases
out a block, and uses that phased out short cut twice.
Another thing, for levels where you start by the door, you also have to consider routes that are the exact opposite.
Here was my reasoning on routing: I try to keep as much momentum as possible, and as you can see I can get the top 6
gems while only turning around twice. There are also little factors that make me favor a certain route, for example I
can ladder-boost to the top right gem which will give me altitude quicker, and also getting the two gems at (13,2) in
this order sets me up beautifully to snag the gem I get while falling down. I do multiple tests to see what's faster in
the smaller rooms, like what I came up with in the bottom right.
If you do question whether a route is optimal or not, feel free to offer suggestions. I understand that not everyone will
have an intimate knowledge with the physics, but it can still give me some ideas.
I kind of like that route Nach, I'll give it a try and see how it compares. That is less distance travelled for sure but
with more momentum shifts, should be a good test.
Wow, that route is about 3 seconds faster. Thanks Nach, looks like momentum doesn't have as much of an influence as I
originally thought.
01 - WIP #2
The trackbot caused some trouble in this new route as you'll see, but without it the ending wouldn't be so nice. It's
perfect for anyone not familiar with how the game works :)
Looks like you could manipulate the trackbot to go left off the ladder next to the purple tp after picking up the gem
above that ladder by curving slightly towards the left. Looks like it wouldn't even lose almost any time. I wonder if
you could also manipulate the trackbot to go down the first ladder it encounters.
Perhaps you can save frames by misdirecting the trackbot, but the death exit actually saves some frames by positioning
your corpse perfectly in front of the door without having to land. Plus it looks way cooler.

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02 - WIP #1

Thread Discussion
Parts of the level necessitate a jetpack so get one ASAP. I have a hunch it's faster to do a counterclockwise loop rather
than a clockwise one, but I'll test both ways.
EDIT: Also the worm will get in the way of some routes so keep that in mind
I suspect a clockwise route will be faster just because it doesn't need to cover as much ground. If you start by
travelling clockwise, those two long horizontal segments at the bottom of the screen can both be avoided. The only
potential hangup would be worm timing, but I think the worm's path is long enough that they won't come out of the
yellow teleporter until you're done with that section, and that's really the only place it could be a problem in the
clockwise version.
It's unfortunate, but it doesn't really seem like the teleporters can be incorporated usefully into the route.
Depends what the route is.
For example, they can be used in this route:
Another thing to consider about this level. If one is low on fuel, on the upper left, grab the teleporter for a moment to
get more fuel.
I like traveling down on the left side rather than up, just because falling down the stairs is so much
quicker. There is a bit more distance to cover though, so it'll be close. The worm could also foil the CW route so it may
not even matter.
Well, if you were to move left at start, this would be the route:
This route covers the same amount of ground slamo's first proposed route covers.
The key differences are:
No fuel here while going up left corner.
This route uses yellow teleporter for fuel.
Fuel while going down center area.
Right most shaft is fallen down instead of flown up.
The marble worm would probably have a say in which method is better.
I realized there's yet another way to start the level. Begin by taking the teleporter.
There's a legend at the bottom of the order the colors are used in.
Interesting route. It does cover the same amount of ground, but keep in mind that there is some delay in
teleportation - about 20 frames worth - and doing this 3 times adds about a second of time loss.
02 - WIP #1
The worm caused some problems here, and fuel was actually an issue as well, I had to pick up both tanks. The worm got in
the way of both routes, so the one I used here has the least hindrance from it.
Of the previously mentioned routes, a lot is interchangeable due to their being divergent paths all around
the green teleporters. That should allow working around the worm of marbles if some proposed method runs into them.
I still think that this should be faster for level 02...
I think the only potential issue is fuel, but in this route you cover less ground as mentioned, and you end up falling
down that long column on the right rather than flying up it. Plus if necessary you could use the yellow teleporter twice
to pick up the other tank, if that doesn't use up enough time that you run into the worm.
Also, is it not possible/not faster to touch down on the conveyor belts that actually are travelling the same direction
as you, and only fly over the ones travelling the other direction? Even if it's not actually faster it could be
considered as a way to save a little bit of fuel. And similarly, even though it's a bit slower to run, for long
horizontal stretches like the top it may be worthwhile to touch down if that can save you a detour to pick up more
fuel. Even if my route ends up slower, you could also experiment to see if it's possible to save enough fuel on your
route to need only one tank.
EDIT: So I just played through the level at full speed. Even with my human inefficiency, I easily made it to the yellow
teleporter before the worm reached it, and even without picking up the second tank I only barely did not have enough
fuel to reach the exit on one tank, though that was with walking along the top and the conveyors to save fuel. I
wouldn't be surprised if taking a quick jump through the yellow teleporter would save more time overall.
I did try this route first - it's necessary to get the second tank, and by the time you get near the exit the worm is
perfectly getting in the way of the last 5 gems, and you can go around but it costs time. It's about a 0.7 s difference
between the video I posted.
Hm, unfortunate but it makes sense. How about running on the conveyors that are travelling the same direction you are?
It feels a bit faster than Jetpacking when doing it over long distances, but that could be an unfounded belief, and on
top of that I'm not sure about in short bursts.
Not faster in long run: 60 sp/f (running) vs. 64 sp/f (jetpacking). But in short bursts, situation could be different
since there is no acceleration for running.

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03 - WIP #1

Thread Discussion
It flows pretty logically to me, I can't think of any other drastically different route that would work.
Regarding the gem in the middle right above the door, is it faster to get it before visiting the top half like
illustrated, or perhaps on the way back right before the gem to the left of it is nabbed?
Edit: Ignoring what I just said, here's the alternate left corner I was thinking about:
I believe getting the middle gem on the way down is actually faster now that I look at it. The idea with the upper left
corner involves phasing 3 blocks instead of 2 so I would not favor it.
03 - WIP #1
Watch as I come hilariously close to dying multiple times. I tried Nach's route but it wasn't faster, it was off by
about 0.8 s.

Further Discussion

There is a single tank at the spawn point.

04 - WIP #1
04 - WIP #2

Thread Discussion
Some things to test:
How to handle the start - phase down? Get the jetpack ASAP?
Phasing up from the red switch or going around
Entering the "red gate" room from the top or the right
How much the trackbot will troll, and how to deal with it
Edit: Sorry forgot a part in that route. Right before going down and left, visit the green teleporter.
slamo wrote:
   How to handle the start - phase down? Get the jetpack ASAP?
slamo wrote:
   Phasing up from the red switch or going around
Or ignoring it entirely.
slamo wrote:
   Entering the "red gate" room from the top or the right
Or via the teleporter. However, if a teleporter path is slower, I think if we can work it via the right, we'd travel less if we take the right.
slamo wrote:
   How much the trackbot will troll, and how to deal with it
It probably will if you take the road as is as in your picture. I think you'll need to phase around it.
04 - WIP #1
I'm going to test other routes so I don't know if this is going to be the final version or not, but I thought I'd post
it anyway.
Regarding your earlier route, keep these possible changes in mind:
New level 4, faster by two whole frames:
04 - WIP #2
Used the alternate route involving the red switch. This is the first level I've actively luck manipulated the trackbot by
doing random phases to make it turn around. If you still wanted to see the trackbot mocked, you won't be
disappointed. :)

05 - WIP #1
05 - WIP #2

Thread Discussion
05 - WIP #1
This could very well be the best way to do this level, but I'm not totally convinced. There are a lot of places I got
bottlenecked, and I know some of those are unavoidable but maybe there's a faster way. About the last gem - I did try
just falling off the edge and landing on the lower floor to grab it, and that would definitely be faster, but it just
didn't work. Sucks that this is how I had to get it.
05 - WIP #2
I'm pretty damn happy with this one, as it saves 2.6 s off the previous video. There's a lot less waiting time and very
little backtracking.

Further Discussion
There was talk of using mathematics for figuring out either the missile positions or "go-times" for getting from each
consequtive ladder to candidate next ladders. Don't know how Slamo actually created the route. Creaotheceann came up
with this:
It takes 632 frames for a missile to go from left to right and back again, and 232 frames for the missiles in the upper
So one complete cycle is 18328 frames (~4min).

06 - WIP #1
06 - WIP #2

Thread Discussion
We're all doing this build your own staircase technique in the lower right corner. Is that really possible?
Good route, even if it doesn't pan out I may incorporate the ending as an alternate to the end of my 1st route. The
"staircase" technique does work, I was able to do it in real time.
Not that I like either of these, but here's non-build-your-own-stair-case routes:
it occurred to me that isn't ladder climbing faster when jumping up the ladder? It only became relevant with level 05.
Was that taken into account?
Jumping up ladders is indeed faster, it's crucial for hitting certain cycles in level 5. For longer ladders I can just
come up with a cycle of inputs to optimize the speed, I will definitely figure that out for level 6.
06 - WIP #1
This is my route #1 with Nach's alternate ending (faster by ~10 frames) plus some minor optimizations.
Thinking about it, would it be faster to ignore the second gem on the way up, and instead nab it on the way down from
the ladder directly to the right of it?
You're right, in fact that part turns out to be even faster since you're falling down a portion of a ladder instead of
climbing it! I keep forgetting about this, have to minimize climbing when possible...
06 - WIP #2
It will never cease to amaze me how totally different routes can result in such close times. This is 22 frames faster
than the first WIP I posted, and if I factor in Nach's idea about the 2nd gem this is still faster than the optimum route
#1 by a whopping 3 frames.
When going down the middle of the screen from the very top, it's really faster to take the ladder than busting the floor
out from under you?
Yes, this is one of the areas where I tested a few things. Using the ladder was faster by a few frames (probably saved
by the fact you can just fall off halfway.)
And with the leftmost ladder, going up it instead of busting the block as in my route images is also faster?
  • slamo: I noticed that and tested it as well, going up the ladder is faster.
I just tried Nach's first route and it was slightly slower.

Further Discussion
  • Svimmer: This wasn't explicitly answered: vvv
When going down to grab the lowest bottom right gem, is it faster to build a staircase as you did, or phase out the
block on your way down, then return with a single jump instead of two?
slamo and I discussed it on IRC. It was tested, and actually it takes the exact same amount of time.

07 - WIP #1

Thread Discussion
I don't think there are too many possibilities with this one. The blue switch is required, the red one isn't but I think
it's undoubtedly faster to use it.
Well, if you want to try without the red switch, perhaps something like this:
Well, it appears that I should have doubted using the red switch!
07 - WIP #1
This is Nach's route, about 1.2 s faster than mine. The phasing choice in the bottom right corner may be puzzling, the
reason for this is that the missile gets in the way and this sets you up better to keep your horizontal speed towards the

Further Discussion

08 - WIP #1

Thread Discussion
Things to note for routing:
It's not clear by the picture, but you can differentiate the scrolling ladders by looking at its bottom block. The
leftmost ladder is scrolling down and the rightmost is scrolling up.
Jumps of 2 block wide are possible, 3 blocks can't be done.
I agree that the above route in theory does look the shortest.
However, how much does going with the ladders help?
Here for example is a route moving with the ladders:
08 - WIP #1
I tested the ladder theories by doing the first section with the two ladders, as they converge at one point at the top.
Using the down-scrolling ladder was much faster just because there's less distance traveled. Jumping up the ladder
mitigates the time loss quite a bit.

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09 - WIP #1

Thread Discussion
Level 9 seems pointless to discuss, as there's only one sensible route.

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Levels: 00-09 | 10-19 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50-59 | 60-69 | 70-79 | 80-89 | 90-99

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