The purpose of this page is to document known glitches and tricks for Stuart Little 2 (GBA).
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Wall clipping

By running at a wall and then turning around right before bumping into it, Stuart will be moving towards the wall while facing away from it. Under these circumstances, the game's wall collision detection fails and Stuart enters the wall. He will then be ejected to the top quickly.
With proper positioning and by hopping, Stuart can quickly zip to the top of a wall.

Level 1 test area

The objective in level 1 is to get all of the paints that are spread throughout the level. But the developers have made a test room which is reachable by entering the first door and then traveling left whilst using the wall clipping bug. The level can be finished much quicker using this room.

A+Start glitch

Some screens and cutscenes can be cleared immediately by pressing A + Start (or holding A and then pressing Start). It wasn't meant to be possible and may cause the zoom glitch to occur. This bug can be used on the title screen to start the game quicker.

Zoom glitch

The game uses a graphical effect for screen transitions where the screen becomes pixelated and then turns sharp again. If the glitch occurs, the screen will stay pixelated when it shouldn't be.
There are various ways to trigger this bug. Some known ones:

Level 4 ledge clipping

In level 4 where Stuart drives his car in bird's view, it is possible to clip through ledges. Unfortunately it only allows for little time savers.

Autofire Pause glitch

During some cutscenes, autofiring Start causes movement to be cut in half. In other cutscenes (such as in the 2nd part of level 8), it enables horizontal movement which saves time.
When doing it in level 5 during Margalo cutscenes, she might end up getting stuck or jumping into the depth. But that is of no consequence because Margalo's movement is purely scripted - she doesn't care if she gets stuck - and the level ends when she does her final jump.

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