The purpose of this page is to document all of the known tricks of the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64).
Because of the nature of this site, we concentrate here on tricks that are difficult to play in real play, but are useful in the making of tool-assisted speedruns. For most of the tricks, a frame advance feature in an emulator is a definite must-have.
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Fastest methods of travel

Super Slide Trick

This technique allows Link to slide great distances at great speeds. For this trick, Link needs a shield, something he can physically interact with (usually lifting), and something non-static that can damage him. There are two known ways to perform the trick:
Link must first find an enemy that will attack him. We will use the Peahats of Hyrule Field as an example. Surrounding these Peahats are bushes which Link can lift out of the ground. While holding Z and R, make Link roll into the bush while the Peahat is attacking him. Press A to grab the bush as the Peahat's attack connects with Link just before he stands up. If done properly, Link will block the attack just as he is about to finish the roll (and while he's still invincible) and that will retain the "picking up" action, and so the speed at which he is knocked back by the attack will remain constant as long as he has his shield raised.
Set a bomb and move Link a roll's distance away from it. While facing the bomb, press A to roll into the bomb 40 frames before the explosion. You must make Link end the animation right in front of the bomb, but without touching it. Hold Z and R, and press A again to grab the bomb 17-19 frames before it explodes. The bomb will explode, and Link will begin to superslide.
  1. While sliding, Link is locked in the blocking stance, and can't perform any other motion aside from back flipping.
  2. This technique will be canceled if Link takes damage, falls off of a ledge, or lowers his shield.
  3. This can also allow link to skip ground texts and move during certain cutscenes

Extended Superslide

This technique is an extension of using superslides. The application of the trick is to make Link turn in a new direction and continue to slide backwards at a slightly slower speed, because normal superslides are locked in their direction. In previous cases, in order to start going in a different direction, a superslide would need to be manually stopped, and a new one started. This trick prevents the need for stopping.

Side hopping

Side hopping is the fastest method of travel on flat land, aside from Epona and Super Sliding. To sidehop, simply hold Z and either left or right on the analogue and press A. In the past backwalking was considered to be the fastest form of movement until viewed using memory watcher.Still, its imporant to make sure that Link jumps on the earilest possible frames because otherwise his speed significantly drops for a short period.


Backwalking is the fastest in certain circumstances such as when he's holding and object or requires a backflip or to perform text or cutscenes skips which requires Link to alternate between items.

Crouch Stabbing

This technique allows Link to store the damage potential of his last attack in to his crouched stabbing attack. Crouch Stabbing can be done by crouching with Link's shield raised (hold R) while stabbing with B. Using this technique, Link can greatly enhance his ability to do damage over time. Note that the stored attack damage does not need to be applied: attacking nothingness will still count as damage potential.

Air Warp

While supersliding its possible to warp above or below ground. To do this Link needs to superslide off something thats already preloaded e.g. A bush or a bombflower. Link then needs something else that can damage him, such as an enemy or explosion, but its important that the object Link superslides off does not break or get destroyed. Once the superslide is activated if Link stops superslidng on the same level then he'll warp back to the object he just superslided off of. If his Z-axis is above the object then he'll warp to the object but his Z-axis will not change, if he does this below the object then he'll fall through the ground, either falling into the void or into invisible water.
Currently there is no use for this in an any% run, the only known use for it is for getting into the Water Temple in Lake Hylia.

Ground Bomb Jump

This technique allows Link to "jump" from a standing position. It can be used to reach ledges that are normally unreachable. For this trick, Link must have a shield and have access to Bombs or "Goron Special Crop" (Bomb Flowers).
To initiate the ground jump, Link must find something which he can grab, the grab icon will confirm this. To prepare a ground jump you can either equip Links sword Hold Z+R and press A, or Link can hold Z+R and tap A continously. Generally its faster to use the later method except in instances where links sword swing can be cut short by hitting a wall. While holding Z+R Link needs to be pushed away from the item that he was trying to grab, its ususally done by an enemy or explosion pushing Link away from the object. The easiest way to perform the trick is on a bomb because the object disappears meaning Link can't pick it up. Once the glitch is pulled off all the C buttons are locked as well as the B button, anything that would force the grab icon to change will cancel out the glitch such as jumping or going into a water environment. To cancel it you can backflip or sidehop, although both cause Link to jump up vertically slightly and reach ledges that were just out of reach beforehand. It should also be noted that it allows certain cutscenes and texts to be skipped, this is becuase all ground triggers can be avoided, but many places have cutscene borders that stretch infinitely upwards and downwards mainly because it was easier to program.
This ability to jump remains until Link attempts to jump, or if he jumps off a ledge normally, whichever comes first. He won't be able to use either his sword nor any of the the items equipped to the c-buttons.

Mid-Air Bomb Jump

This technique allows Link to gain excess height and distance on any jump. This technique requires Bombs or Bombchus.
To perform this trick, Link must equip and pull out a Bomb or Bombchu. If using a Bomb, it is required that Link should let the fuse run until the Bomb is about to explode. Once this has been done, Link need only initiate his jump, followed by releasing the explosive in mid-air by holding Z and R at the same time. If timed correctly, the Bomb will explode just underneath Link, boosting him forward and upward. If using a Bombchu, the device will automatically explode upon releasing it in midair.

Vine Glitch:

The Vine glitch only works as Young Link because when he jumps onto or catches a climbing frame while falling, part of his body will glitch into the wall. This generally happens too quickly to notice during standard play, since the games ejection routine corrects this in order for Link to climb normally. However, this can be abused if Link can take damage from an enemy or an explosion the moment he latches onto a wall he will subsequently be pushed through a wall.
Note this trick does not work in Majora's Mask

Endless Sword Glitch

This technique makes Link's sword (or the Deku Stick) active without the need to swing it. It requires a shield, and something Link can interact with (this includes anything that brings up a text box, such as Navi's advice and sign posts, as well as bombs, bushes, rocks, jars and treasure chests).
To do this trick, Link must be within interacting range of the aforementioned objects. While crouching (hold R), Link must stab and then interrupt the attack with an interaction by pressing A. If done correctly, Link's sword will let off a subtle glow, as if Link were constantly swinging it. This keeps Link's sword drawn out in a constant attack state, so anything that collides with the sword will take damage. This state can be canceled by swinging the sword again with B(which resets the attack state of the sword), raising the shield without holding Z or by taking damage. Sheathing the sword and/or swapping out for a different item will not cancel the effects.
Once Link is set in to this mode, he will lose the auto-jump ability and will not be able to fall off of ledges. To take advantage of this, read the next trick, aptly labeled Bomb Hover Staircase.

Bomb Hover Staircase

This technique is a play on the Endless Sword Glitch. It allows Link to reach high platforms and bypass certain obstacles using just Bombs, "Goron Special Crop" Bomb Flowers, or Bombchus.
To do this technique, you must first activate the Endless Sword Glitch. Once in this mode, Link can not fall. Link can regain the ability to suffer from gravity if he performs a back flip to completion, but this can be checked by blocking a Bomb explosion in mid-flip. If Link blocks an explosion in mid-air, he will enter a blocking stance, which negates the effects of back flipping. Therefore, Link can abuse this to constantly gain height from back flips without falling to the ground. Note that completing a full back flip will cause Link to lose his Endless Sword state, thus making him impervious to Bomb Hovering.
This technique grants access to the Gerudo Fortress as Young Link. There are two distinct methods for achieving this goal.
The first method for this sequence break involves the Cucco found in the Gerudo Valley. While holding the Cucco, Link must work his way on the one of the wooden bridge supports closest to the Gerudo gate. While standing on the support, position Link so that he is facing the gate at an angle. Once prepared, Link must run off of the side of the support. The supports are just high enough off of the ground that Link will jump off of the edge as if it were a ledge. This, mixed with the fact that holding a Cucco greatly reduces Link's rate of descent, Link needs to be very close to the top of the gate. Just before reaching the gate, press B to make Link drop the Cucco and perform a midair jump slash. If done properly, Link should land on top of the gate without being seen. Link is now able to access the Gerudo Fortress (and the Spirit Temple) so long as he is not seen by the guards on the opposite side of the fence.
The other method of bypassing the Gerudo Valley Gate involves using a endless sword technique. Activate the endless sword technique (stated earlier) using a bomb and then just as it explodes backflip holding Z and R and then backflip again onto the gate or over the gate.

Get the Golden Scale as a Child

This trick grants the Golden Scale to Young Link very early in the game. The scale, which allows Link maximum diving distance, can be used to bypass many items and areas in the game. To do this trick, you will need 20 rupees.
Go to the Fishing pond in Lake Hylia and purchase a rod. Make your way to the back of the fishing area and aim your lure towards the center of the pond, where the log is situated. Press B to cast the lure, and reel the large fish to your location. This fish needs to be deemed a "real lunker". Accept the fish, and then swim to the middle of the pond. Then, while holding R and Z without targeting any fish, swim to the pond owner and turn in the fish whilst still holding R. You will be rewarded the Golden Scale for doing this.

(Link to video)

Bypass the Gate in Gerudo's Fortress

This technique grants access to the Haunted Wasteland without raising the Gerudo Fortress' exterior gate. This method can only be done as Young Link.
For this trick, approach the gate to the Haunted Wasteland within the Gerudo Fortress. Climb the ladder next to the gate to the very top. Once Link is on top of the watch tower, maneuver Link so that he is standing at the top of the ladder, on the very edge of the ledge, without falling off. Link can now sidehop off of the tower, landing on the opposite cliff. You can now run along the wall and gain access to the Haunted Wasteland. If you do not position yourself properly, Link will fall through a void and his location will be reset.
There is a way to return to the haunted wastleland although it requires excessive hovering and then a jumpslash high up through the gate, its not advisable to do it as part of any run becuase it quicker to use a savewarp back to Links house.

(Link to video)
This trick allows Young Link to pass through the Haunted Wasteland.
Normally, Link would need the Hookshot to gain access to the main part of the Wasteland. Without it, Link will not be able to cross over a quicksand pit. However, Link's backwalk is fast enough to cross over a portion of the quicksand before he is swallowed by it. On the very left part of the quicksand pit, the ground is set at a less harsh angle for Link. If done correctly, Link will cross over the pit unscathed. If Link walks past the map, he was positioned too far to the left, and he will be reset. If Link slips in to the pit, he was positioned too far to the right, and he will be reset.
Make note that as soon as you cross the pit, you must immediately move towards the main part of the Haunted Wasteland. Moving too far beyond the pit will be read as a misguided movement in the maze, and Link will be reset. Also keep in mind that doing this trick requires one to know the necessary route through the Haunted Wasteland's maze.

(Link to video)

Shadow Temple Early

This tricks grants access to the Shadow Temple without the need of Din's Fire or the Nocturne of Shadow. To do this trick, you will need Bombs/Bombchus and either a Magic Bean, the Longshot, or neither of these.
In Kakariko Village's Graveyard, make your way to the crate placed on the elevated platform across from Dampé's House. One method of reaching this platform requires you to plant a Magic Bean as Young Link and return to ride the floating platform as Adult Link. The other basic method of reaching this platform is by using the Longshot on the crate. Otherwise, you can use the Infinite Sword Glitch on the adjacent fence and reposition Link to where he can grab the ledge.
Once you are on the platform, Link should hop on to the crate and pull out a Bomb/Bombchu. Face the two grassy walls bordering this platform. If using Bombchus, leap off of the crate towards the wall, press Z to drop/detonate the Bombchu, and jump slash as soon as you can. If done properly, the blast will launch Link on to the grassy ledge of the walls. Link can now back flip up to the very border of the wall, which will allow him to walk along the void until he reaches the Shadow Temple's entrance. Be careful not to fall off of the wall, or you will have to start over.
Note that you can also use this same method to assail the Shadow Temple using the roof of Dampé's house, rather than the crate. This method is more commonly used than the bomb boost off the crate
Normally, when you reach the Shadow Temple, you need Din's Fire to open the entry way. However, if the entrance door is never loaded, you will not be barred from entering the Shadow Temple. To skip loading the door, work Link along the wall, but do not drop off at the entrance's staircase. Instead, side hop from the wall into the void above the staircase. Link will eventually jump over the whole set of stairs, landing in the entry way whilst taking some damage. By not traveling down the staircase, the door to the Shadow Temple will not be loaded, and you can now enter the Shadow Temple without the need of Din's Fire.

Jabu Jabu without Fish

This technique allows Link to enter Lord Jabu Jabu without the necessity of a fish. There are two ways to do this trick.
The first method requires Link to jump slash off of the fences adjacent to Jabu Jabu. Link must gain maximum height and distance from his jump, as he must land somewhat on top of Jabu Jabu. Doing this will cause Link to trigger the entrance script for the dungeon, even though he has not technically entered Jabu Jabu's mouth. The second technique requires Link to roll in to Jabu Jabu at an angle. Note that the second technique is very difficult to achieve, as the hitbox for the rolling is very slim compared to the hitbox for jump slashing.

(Link to video)

Faster block pushing

They are two methods for pushing blocks faster, the first one is more commonly refered to as soft block pushing. Simply while Link is in the proccess of pushing a block hold Z, this will cause Link to stop pushing, but the main block itself will still be moving. After this is done run up to the push the block again and repeat the process.
However, this does not work on every movable object. The other method involves more precision and marginally saves frames each time its used. Press forwards to push the block, then time it and press back and then press forwards again once you see Link pull backwards.

(Link to video)

Making Large Gaps

There are many large gaps which at first site appear to be impossible to make because of the height and distance is, the chances are if it appears just of of reach then it can be made by the following two methods.

Mega jump

Some ledges are very high up and far away, and would require excessive bomb hovering to reach, but it can be quite simple done with one bomb or bombchu. Simply place a bomb before a ledge and get Link to stand inbetween the bomb and the ledge, while facing Links destination make sure he has the Kokiri boots on and enough health. While Link is in his forced jump animation pause the game and equip the hoverboots this will make Link do a large jump projectile reaching the platform and grabbing the ledge

Long Hover

Some gaps are on a very flat level or below in relation to where Links standing, but they may seem completely impossible even with a mega jump technique. For example the gap in the Shadow Temple that needs to be crossed by shooting arrows at the statues and therefore collasping the statue can made by supersliding and then swapping then equipping the hover boots, This technique can also to be used to barely make it to Ganon's castle but it requires Link to reach normally unaccesible land in the left side of the castle, this is because its the closest point to the castle and it also gives Link enough height to reach the outer ledges of the castle.

(Link to video)

Mega Flip

To do a mega flip Link needs something which can damage him. Link needs to roll and get damaged just before he's about to stand up. If Z+R are held down and a backflip is performed during the knockback effect, Link will be sent flying backwards, gaining considerable distance as well as height. If a sidehop is performed instead of a backflip, Link will gain considerable distance but not as much height as the mega flip.

(Link to video)

Stealing The Rod (part of Bottle Adventure)

During Link's quest, the vast majority of the time he has Sword equipped on the B button. However, if you go to the fishing pond in Lake Hylia he will be given a fishing rod which is equipped on B. While playing the fishing game Link cannot leave the pond without the man who lended the rod stoping him. He can however be bypassed if Adult Link equips the hover boots, runs into the center of the pond and then casts the rod in mid-air, this tricks the man because Link can run around normally with the rod still being cast.
There is a more practical way that works for both Child and Adult Link's. Simply, on entrance purchase the rod and run to the far right side of the pond, where a small stream appears to run into the pond. There is a collection of rocks that Link can run onto and jump off of. Once Link has performed a jump cast the rod before he lands. If done correctly Link can run around the pond with the rod cast.

Getting a Deku Stick on the B button (part of Bottle Adventure)

Once the rod is stolen from the fishing game and Link has finally exited the pond the next stage is to go into the lake with the rod, climb out pause and unpause the game and the Deku Stick will now be on the B button. Trying to use the Deku stick as adult Link will cause the game to freeze.

Bottle Switch Trick (part of Bottle Adventure)

This technique allows Link to exploit certain pressure sensitive floor switches. To do this trick, Link only needs a Bottle with a fish in it.
To perform this exploit, Link must first enter the room in which the switch is located. Link must then make the Bottle his active item, which means that he must release and recapture his fish. Once the Bottle is in Link's hands, have Link backflip on to the target switch. Before Link completes his flip, activate the Bottle again. As soon as Link lands, he will place the fish on the switch. The game will read the occurrence as one object landing on the switch, even though two separate objects have landed. If Link moves away from the switch, it will still assume that it is being weighed down by Link, as it still reads an object on the switch. This allows Link to employ the switch without needing to use actual objects to weight it down. Keep in mind that the fish will not keep the switch held for long, and so this trick will only work with switches that are very close to their effect.
Another more effective method is to copy whats been stated before except press B in mid air and it will cause Link to use his sword as an ocarina, this can be quickly cancelled by pressing B again to avoid the bottle dumping animation.

Getting the Light Arrows on B

After Link has the deku stick on the B button he can then put the bottle on B, this is done by replicating the sword ocarina trick mentioned previously in the last paragraph.
The Deku Stick has a specific hex value i.e. 8011A644. While it might appear to be meaningless it can be changed effectively allowing Link to have any item on B he desires. The hex value relating to the light arrows is 8011A656, the difference between these values is 18. In order to add 18 Link needs to have 18 of something on C-right, this is normally done with deku nuts. Go back in time and turn into Young Link and imeadiatley go forward in time again. While this is happening the Deku Stick value on the B button is being added to C-right and doing so will update on the B button allowing the light arrows to be written to B.
note: In order to go back in time its necessary to complete the Forest temple
note_2: Make sure Young Link's Deku Stick supply is depleted to 0

(Link to video)
For a full and comprehensive list here are all the other possibilties
00 Deku Sticks
01 Deku Nuts
02 Bombs
03 Fairy Bow
04 Fire Arrow
05 Din's Fire
06 Fairy Slingshot
07 Fairy Ocarina
08 Ocarina of Time
09 Bombchu
10 Hookshot
11 Longshot
12 Ice Arrow
13 Farore's Wind
14 Boomerang
15 Lens of Truth
16 Magic Beans
17 Megaton Hammer
18 Light Arrow
19 Nayru's Love
20 Empty Bottle
21 Red Potion
22 Green Potion
23 Blue Potion
24 Bottled Fairy
25 Fish
26 Milk
27 Letter
28 Blue Fire
29 Bug
30 Big Poe
31 Lon Lon Milk (Half)
32 Poe
33 Weird Egg
34 Cucco
35 Zelda's Letter
36 Keaton Mask
37 Skull Mask
38 Spooky Mask
39 Bunny Hood
40 Goron Mask
41 Zora Mask
42 Gerudo Mask
43 Mask of Truth
45 Pocket Egg
46 Pocket Cucco
47 Cojiro
48 Odd Mushroom
49 Odd Potion
50 Poacher's Saw

RBA - Reverse Bottle Adventure

When you update your B button with a new item (example: catch a bug), it takes the value of the bug (according to the game, bug is 29), and writes that value onto a different section of your inventory. Which section depends on what item you have on c-right. So, if you have a broken sword on c-right (broken sword is linked to medallions, Minuet&Bolero), it will actually write the value of 29 onto your medallions/songs binary slot. 29 in binary is 0001 1101. If you look at the charts below, you'll see that this will end up giving you the Forest, Water, Spirit and Shadow medallion. The Fire, Light, Bolero and Minuet will be erased if you happen to have them, thats because there binary value is now 0.
Forest Medallion|0000 0001|1
Fire Medallion|0000 0010|2
Water Medallion|0000 0100|4
Spirit Medallion|0000 1000|8
Shadow Medallion|0001 0000|16
Light Medallion|0010 0000|32
Minuet of Forest|0100 0000|64
Bolero of Fire|1000 0000|128
Serenade of Water |0000 0001|1
Requiem of Spirit |0000 0010|2
Nocturne of Shadow |0000 0100|4
Prelude of Light |0000 1000|8
Zelda's Lullaby |0001 0000|16
Epona's Song |0010 0000|32
Saria's Song |0100 0000|64
Sun's Song |1000 0000|128
All of the most current and in-depth RBA methods and values can be found at this page

Acute Angles Glitch

This technique allows Link to glitch through certain boundaries, allowing him to skip certain events. To do this, Link only needs a melee weapon and an acute angle corner.
For this glitch, Link must jump slash in to a space that is too small to accommodate him. This will push him through certain boundaries, mostly walls. This can be used to glitch to the bottom of Kakariko's Well, or to skip all of the Trials in Ganon's Tower. The Trial Skip abuses the acute angle cause by moving an Armos statue close to a wall, and then forcing Link in to the space between.
Many of the angles can be done using a superslide although. On certain occasion one works while the other doesn't.

(Link to video)

Door of Time skip

For years it was considered that glitching past the Door of Time was impossible, but if you sidehop towards the left side of the door at a precise angle you can glitch through it. However, you'll not be able to get an obtuse enough angle to be able to jumpslash on the oposite side of the door, but if you use the sidehop manipulation trick which facing to the right but while being roughly paraell with the door you'll be able to glitch through the left side of the door and still manage to face the direction you were in. After that you need to jumpslash and hopefully land inside the DoT itself, after that continue proceed to becoming Adult Link.
It should be noted that there is currently no way to get back as Adult Link cannot glitch back through the door in the same way. The only way to get back through the door again is to either save and reset or to use an acute angle nearby and jump into the void and make Link lose all his hearts and then save and quit.

Seam Climbing

Often where two textures meet there is a narrow seam. If Link is positioned correctly and moves at the right speed then he can usually move up the seam and get onto normally inaccessible land.

Complications of Sequence Breaking

Due to the amount of items skipped in sequence breaking, some things must be noted.


Most of these tricks were discovered by contributors from This includes, but is not limited to, Kazooie, AKA, Acryte, and FIERCELINKMASTER.

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