The purpose of this page is to document all known tricks and other interesting information of the PSX Mega Man X games. These include Mega Man X4, Mega Man X5, and Mega Man X6.


SDC (Slash Dash Cancel)

This is the trick that makes Zero superior to X in most stages. It destroys most bosses incredibly quickly, and also works well on regular enemies if necessary.
This trick is performed by pressing the attack button to slash on the ground, then dash to cancel the slash animation. The dash can be cancelled by another slash, so slash again as soon as possible. The first two hits of Zero's triple slash do not trigger invincibility on bosses, so every slash will cause damage.

Turnaround SDC (X6)

Zero's sword physics have changed in X6, making this trick possible. First, be as close to the opponent as possible, and have your back faced towards him. Then slash, and when the slash hits, turn around towards the boss. This will instantly make you start the second slash of the three hit combo. Then press dash and the other direction, so you face away from him again. Slash again, and repeat.

Guard Shell trick (X6)

When Zero has his Guard Shell (Shieldner Sheldon's weapon) out, slashing will make his Saber hit multiple times for each slash. This is a valuable asset in unassisted runs, but selecting Guard Shell is generally too slow for a TAS.

Boss information

Bosses with abnormal invincibility

Usually, bosses have 60 (X4) or 30 (X5, X6) frames of invincibility after getting hit from attacks other than Zero's first or second slash, or attacks they don't take damage from. But some exceptions exist:

Z-Saber regular Air Slash vs. Kuuenzan (X4)

Defeating Split Mushroom as Zero gains you Kuuenzan, which replaces Zero's air slash. However, Kuuenzan isn't always better against certain bosses.

Bosses against whom regular Air Slash is better

The following bosses take 3 damage from Air Slash, but 2 from Kuuenzan:

Bosses against whom Kuuenzan is better

The following bosses take 2 damage from Air Slash, but 3 from Kuuenzan:
The following bosses take 1 damage from Air Slash, but 2 from Kuuenzan:

Bosses for whom this doesn't matter:

The following bosses take 2 damage from both Air Slash and Kuuenzan:

See also: Mega Man X damage charts for a damage chart for Mega Man X4.

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