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Recommended reading/viewing (apart from stuff on TASvideos):

Admiral's Maximum Population Guide. It's extremely useful for going through the simulations as quickly as possible because it details the mechanics of population growth.

Very well-done maps of both the action segments and simulation segments. Perhaps not strictly necessary but nice if you want to check where items are and get a quick overview of a stage's layout.

The game manual. Why the manual? So that you know official terminology for stuff like monsters. Not a big deal really but nice if you're pedantic about that kind of stuff.

General Tricks

Jump height boost

If you slash at the right point in a jump (while 7E08BC = 4), the height of the jump increases by 5. Even though the increase is only slight it comes in handy in several places.

Speed during big falls

During a big fall, you'll eventually start moving forward faster (3 positions/frame instead of 2) until you hit the ground. Use the jump height boost trick to slightly increase the effect.

Get hit when going through water

You move faster through water during the invulnerability period from being hit.

Get hit but go forward

If you turn around at the right time just before running into an enemy, you'll go forwards instead of backwards. This comes in handy all the time to the point that you may find yourself trying not to die from using this trick.

Jumping over enemies

Interestingly enough, there are times when it's actually faster to jump over an enemy. So if you can jump over the enemy without getting hit, experiment and see which way is faster.

Pre-jump speed boost

If you jump at the right time, you'll briefly speed up before leaving the ground. Depending on the value of 7E08C4 you'll speed up to 3 positions/frame for 1 to 4 frames. This also comes in handy when entering doors as it lets you reach the next room slightly faster.

Using the pre-jump speed boost while getting hit

If you initiate the pre-jump speed boost and then turn around at the right time just before running into an enemy, you'll go forwards instead of backwards and it'll be faster than the normal method of just running then turning around. This is tricky to execute because you must be just the right distance from the enemy. A certain amount of stopping if needed in order to get the spacing right is OK, but always compare to the time you would get by simply getting hit while running.

Falling off ledges quickly

When falling off ledges, it's sometimes faster to stop for a frame just before reaching the ledge then start walking forward again, thanks to how walking works (depending on when you stop pressing forward, it may take a few frames before God actually stops moving forward).

Run down slopes

With some slopes, you move faster than usual while going down. You can maximize the duration of this speed boost by jumping just before reaching the bottom.

Wall jump glitch

If you jump straight up (at least initially) then get hit while pressing against a wall, you might get caught in the wall. You'll have to mess around quite a bit since it can be rather difficult to trigger. You'll then be able to jump up the wall and possibly save quite a bit of time.

Walk through walls glitch

First, do the wall jump glitch. If the wall goes to the top of the level section and you press against the wall once you're far enough up the wall, you'll be able to walk through the wall and eventually teleport to another screen. This can be used in Marahna Act 1 to save some time. The trick can also be activated in Northwall Act 2 but it doesn't save time due to the amount of time spent getting an eye to hit you while next to the tree. No other places to use this trick have been found yet. You not only need a wall that goes to the top of the section but there can't be a ceiling. Such a wall is rather rare.

Slope "teleport" glitch

If you jump and you're under a slope, you might "pop" up so you're on the slope if you're close enough.

Fast fall

If you hold Y at the right time just before falling off a ledge you'll move forward more quickly during the fall.

Quick Landing

During a jump, hold the Y button for a short amount of time when 7E08BC >= 5. Note that the height difference between one platform and the other must be small otherwise God will instead do a crouching slash. To narrow that down, 48 is too much of a height difference while 32 isn't.

Stuck in a wall

If you jump towards a wall in the right way, you can get stuck in some of them and jump again from there. Useful in Aitos Act 1 for getting over the big pit. You can sometimes get stuck in walls while falling if you press against the wall at the right time.

Jumping to reduce lag

Strangely enough, jumping often generates less lag than running. This is especially the case for the type of jump posture God assumes while jumping forward or backward instead of straight up.

End levels in a high place

If you are in a high position when you crystallize (or whatever it's called), you'll save a few frames

Zipping glitch

Actually, a time-saving use hasn't been found for this yet because of the difficulty of activating it, but perhaps someone else can? Here's an example SMV:

Level-specific tricks:

Fillmore Act 2

There's a gate that automatically opens when you get close to it. God can't move during the opening animation. If you jump towards the gate instead of walking towards it, you'll be closer to the gate when the animation is done.

Aitos Act 1

It is actually possible to jump over the pit that has lava coming out of it. You will have to use both the jump height boost and pre-jump speed boost tricks. You also have to be careful about when you start the jump. If done right, you'll get stuck in the wall on the other side of the pit and can then jump.

Marahna Act 2

The moving platform near the beginning of the level doesn't start moving until you are over the center. So use the pre-jump speed boost trick. Also, take the left route when the level splits. The right route has a pit that takes longer to fall through due to more platforms. It also has more obstacles to get hit past, leaving God with insufficient life to get quickly through the last part of the level.

Northwall Act 2

The bubbles in the latter part of this stage will slow down if you stand on them for too long, so jump as often as you can.

Death Heim

If you hold the jump button before God has completely materialized in a room and make sure that you're not pressing left or right, then God will materialize at a higher height than usual. This comes in handy for the Aitos Act 2 boss and possibly on the Bloodpool Act 2 boss depending on where it spawns.

Simulation Stuff

Read Admiral's Maximum Population Guide first! The most important thing to take away from Admiral's maximum population guide is that killing as many enemies as possible before reaching the first lair in a town is important for maintaining maximum growth. You also have to plan carefully because how you should build in one town is affected by what will happen while you're in other towns. It can be difficult to predict, for example, the minimum number of extra roads to build to accommodate for future growth while you're away from a town. So it's best to make test runs where the focus is on optimizing the simulation segments and not worrying about how well-played the action segments are.

Memory Locations

Action segment X position
7E07A2 2u
Action segment Y position
7E07A4 2u
Frames of pre-jump speed increase ("Boost")
7E08C4 1u
Location governing jump height boost ("Crest")
7E08BC 1u

The interaction between Boost and Crest while on the ground:

Boost's incrementing behavior seems somewhat inconsistent unless you see how it interacts with Crest, hence this explanation. Before Hero begins moving, Crest and Boost both equal 0. When the hero begins moving, Crest increments by 1 per frame. When Crest reaches 5, Boost is set to 4. Boost then counts down by 1 per frame, while Crest stays at the same value. On the frame after Boost reaches 0, Boost resets to 4 and Crest increments by 1. Once Boost has counted all the way down while Crest=7, everything resets to 0, and the cycle starts again. The main point is that there is a part of the sequence where Boost does not go 4,3,2,1,0,4,3,2,1,0..., but instead stays at 0 for several frames.
World Map X position
7E0022 2u
World Map Y position
7E0024 2u
Angel X position
7E0AEE 2u
Angel Y position
7E0AF0 2u
Simulation timer
7F91FE 2u
Angel's arrows X position
7E0B14 2u
Angel's arrows Y position
7E0B16 2u
Aitos Act 1 bird platform X position
7E0BA2 2u
7E0BE2 2u
These two locations both seem to work. Haven't found any differences between the two yet.
Aitos Act 1 bird platform Y position
7E0BA4 2u
7E0BE4 2u
These two locations both seem to work. Haven't found any differences between the two yet.
Soul Counter
TownAddress (2u)
TownAddress (2u)
Food supply
TownAddress (2u)
Fillmore Simulation Monster Positions
DirectionMonsterAddress (X)Address (Y)
NorthwestNapper Bats7E0BAC7E0BAE
NortheastNapper Bats7E0B607E0B62
SouthNapper Bats7E0B867E0B88
WestBlue Dragons7E0B3A7E0B3C
Bloodpool Simulation Monster Positions
DirectionMonsterAddress (X)Address (Y)
EastBlue Dragons7E0BAC7E0BAE
NorthwestNapper Bats7E0B607E0B62
SouthBlue Dragons7E0B867E0B88
SouthwestRed Demon7E0B3A7E0B3C
Kasandora Simulation Monster Positions
DirectionMonsterAddress (X)Address (Y)
SoutheastRed Demons7E0B867E0B88
CenterNapper Bats7E0BAC7E0BAE
NorthRed Demons7E0B607E0B62
NorthBlue Dragons7E0B3A7E0B3C
Aitos Simulation Monster Positions
DirectionMonsterAddress (X)Address (Y)
SouthwestBlue Dragons7E0BAC7E0BAE
NorthwestBlue Dragons7E0B3A7E0B3C
NortheastBlue Dragons7E0B867E0B88
WestSkull Heads7E0B607E0B62
Marahna Simulation Monster Positions
DirectionMonsterAddress (X)Address (Y)
SouthwestNapper Bats7E0B607E0B62
NorthwestBlue Dragons7E0BAC7E0BAE
NorthwestRed Demons7E0B3A7E0B3C
SoutheastBlue Dragons7E0B867E0B88
Northwall Simulation Monster Positions
DirectionMonsterAddress (X)Address (Y)
SouthBlue Dragons7E0B867E0B88
NorthwestRed Demons7E0BAC7E0BAE
NorthSkull Heads7E0B607E0B62
EastSkull Heads7E0B3A7E0B3C

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