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This movie completes the PAL version of Rygar with only one item, the grappling hook. It also uses a warp glitch to skip forward in the game as well as many smaller tricks.
This is an improvement of 65.58 seconds to the previous movie by Walker_Boh – this time played by Lord_Tom.
Although the route in this movie is almost exactly the same, time was saved mostly by accumulating the tone points (for Rygar's strength) a lot faster. There were other improvements as well. We recommend reading the author's comments for more details.

Note: If you are watching the FCM, don't forget to enable PAL emulation in FCEU! It's under the Config menu.
Rygar is an action game involving a hero with a shield as a weapon. Normally, the hero must obtain items, such as a grappling hook, to be able to explore the world of Garloz, and he must also defeat five bosses to gain access to the final area. However, these requirements can be circumvented with glitches. Indeed, this run kills no bosses except the final boss and does very little leveling.
In contrast to the any% run and the warpless run, which use the European version of Rygar, this movie uses the American version. The two ROM versions have some different glitches. For more details about the ROM choice, as well as some background explaining what in the world is going on here, see the movie comments as well as our Rygar tricks page.

Watch this run being played back on a real console.
This movie is different from the other Rygar movie in that it plays all levels and doesn't use any glitch to warp from a boss battle to another.
Aside from that limitation, this movie makes full use of all the bugs and glitches in the game which can be used to speed up the run. If you are wondering what really is going on in this movie, see the Rygar Tricks page for some info about the tricks used.
This is a 4 minutes and 43.38 seconds improvement to the previous movie.
Note: If you are watching the FCM, don't forget to enable PAL emulation in FCEU! It's under the Config menu.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

TypeNameTitle OverrideRegionVersionPlatformHashes
Good Rygar (E) [!].nes Rygar (Europe) E NES SHA1: 8CFEF634A4402C858D73FC426817386BE9BE8F65
MD5: 5809D2EBF32CE8F89C0720A83A0FEB8B
Good Rygar (U) (PRG1) [!].nes Rygar (USA) U PRG1 NES SHA1: A495DD96E798DEE9CE14BCCA7B6B44E93280DB50
MD5: 527CC09AB3A503372ABBBF567B76DB46