Game List

IdName SystemsActions
2496 Mario Paint SNES Versions
1685 Mario Party N64 Versions
4029 Mario Party 3 N64 Versions
1873 Mario Party 5 GC Versions
2344 Mario Party 6 GC Versions
2246 Mario Party 7 GC Versions
2262 Mario Party 9 Wii Versions
1764 Mario Party Advance GBA Versions
2847 Mario Party DS DS Versions
377 Mario Pinball Land GBA Versions
3458 Mario Teaches Typing DOS Versions
2873 Mario Tennis N64 Versions
2954 Mario Tennis GBC Versions
2940 Mario Tennis: Power Tour GBA Versions
426 Mario vs. Donkey Kong GBA Versions
2613 Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! DS Versions
3183 Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters SNES Versions
2773 Mario's Keytastrophe: Rebirth Edition SNES Versions
2429 Mario's Picross SGB, GBC Versions
3952 Mario's Super Picross SNES Versions
2497 Mario's Time Machine SNES Versions
885 Mario's Time Machine! NES Versions
618 Marko's Magic Football Genesis Versions
3329 Martial Masters Arcade Versions
3061 Maru's Mission GB Versions
1313 Marvel Land Genesis Versions
931 Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Arcade Versions
775 Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems SNES Versions
1358 Marvel vs. Capcom Arcade Versions
4159 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein SegaCD Versions
4164 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Genesis Versions
1229 Master Karateka GB Versions
919 Master of Darkness SMS Versions
2375 Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man A2600 Versions
2332 Math Blaster: Episode 1 SNES Versions
2960 Math Blaster: Episode 1 Genesis Versions
2658 Math Gran Prix A2600 Versions
398 Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow SNES Versions
1235 Max GB Versions
2956 Max Payne GBA Versions
3641 Maze Uzebox Versions
4041 Maze Craze A2600 Versions
3635 Maze Escape A2600 Versions
4084 Maze Master C64 Versions
3694 Maze-Mania C64 Versions
512 McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Genesis Versions
2397 McDonald's: Golden Arches Adventure A2600 Versions
1632 MDK PSX Versions
4046 Me and My Launcher Linux Versions
2384 Meat Boy Flash Versions