Work-in-progress writeup for a new Contributions position, tentatively named Reviewer. The intent is to make it a sub-Judge level position in the same vein as Encoders are to Publishers, a "part-time" role meant to help with submission overload without needing to fully commit to being a Judge.
NOTE: Depending on submission influx in the future, this may not end up being a proper role on the site at all, but a much more open volunteer position that anyone in the community can take on.


Reviewers make up a trusted panel of experienced members that analyze and provide feedback on submissions when necessary. They operate similarly to Judges, and are expected to have similar qualifications in turn. While they are not directly able to process submissions, they are able to review them on behalf of Judges, and Judges can subsequently sign off on those reviews as official judgements.
When reviewing submissions, Reviewers are expected to follow the Judge guidelines.


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