TASvideos has evolved greatly over the past year. We've gotten a new site, new administration, new rules and systems for our content, and we even managed to add an S onto that ol' HTTP. With the amount of positive change and additions we've made lately, it's only natural that we need to reach out to people to help us with the increased workflow.
Therefore, from now on, TASvideos will be permanently calling for contributors, including staff positions!
There's no formal application or anything. "Applications" (read: DMs saying "hey i'm interested!") will always be accepted even if there are no available positions, so don't hesitate to reach out! We'll be keeping track of everyone who's interested and will contact them if spots become available. Qualifications and points of contact will be maintained both on this page and in the forum thread, which is like this page but formatted differently!
All positions, staff included, are unpaid volunteer positions. We do this for fun, and because we love this hobby, this site, and the community, but we all have lives outside of the site, and those lives always take precedence over the ones we can sacrifice to save six seconds on that boss fight.

Open Positions



Site Developers

Senior Staff

See the Staff page.

Staff Positions and Qualifications

Staff members all represent TASvideos. As such, they are expected to be active, friendly, and helpful members of the community above all else.

Judging and Reviewing

Judges and Reviewers are in charge of what content appears on TASVideos.
Full information can be found at the Judging pages.

Encoding and Publishing

Publishers and Encoders provide high quality videos for accepted submissions.
Full information can be found at the Publishing pages.

Contributor Support Roles

These roles are not explicitly staff, though they may be given extra privileges that elevate them above normal users. Contributors are expected to be active and helpful members of the community, not misusing their privileges.

Site Developers

Site Developers contibute code to the site through the site's Github. Anyone can contribute code at any time, and those with C# development experience are encouraged to help out in any way they can.
If you are interested in a more active and constant development role for the site, contact adelikat, the Site Owner and lead Site Developer.


Editors help maintain the site wiki, cleaning up and updating game information, fixing formatting errors and typos, and whatever else they can find. Creating game pages for submissions with no game listing and adding rom hashes to game listings currently without are currently high priorities.
If you are interested in becoming an Editor, contact Memory, feos, or Samsara, the Site Admins.

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