Publishing is the process where an accepted submission gets made into a permanent publication on the site. This process includes encoding the run to site standards and creating the movie page with all the necessary data. Both publishers and encoders can create encodes, but only publishers are able to create publication pages. A related task is re-encoding, in which publishers or encoders create higher quality videos for older TASes.
If you are interested in encoding or publishing for the site, contact fsvgm777, the current Senior Publisher.


The encoder role denotes one who has permission to add their own encodes to current and obsolete publications. They adhere to the Encoder Guidelines without oversight.
To be assigned the encoder role, an encoder must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the site staff (usually the senior publisher) that they are capable of consistently producing encodes that meet the encoding standards (around 3-4 to begin with is usually sufficient). Should an encoder subsequently demonstrate that they can no longer consistently adhere to the guidelines, a member of staff (again, usually the senior publisher) will remove the role until such a time as they can follow the standards.


Once a run has been accepted, publishers are responsible for assembling the materials necessary for the run to be widely accessible. In particular, they are responsible for approval of the high-quality video files that accompany any new publication; they also select screenshots and write movie descriptions for new movies.
Publishers follow the Publisher Guidelines, and are responsible for ensuring that videos conform to the Encoder Guidelines.
To be appointed a publisher, a user must have
In essence, a publisher must not only be able to make quality encodes but also put together a quality publication, including a nice screenshot, movie description, and streaming media uploads. The image of TASVideos should be that a new publication is of a certain standard and is presented and promoted well.

Senior Publishers

Senior Publishers are extremely experienced and involved Publishers that act as leads. They are expected to be the community leads on submission publishing and the standards they're expected to meet.
Senior Publishers take on additional roles alongside publishing:

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