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Hi! It's me! Samsara! Where are you going? Oh, heck. Oh no, come back. No, no, it's okay. Shhhh. Don't worry. I don't bite unless you ask me to.
I joined the site in 2006, but I only really started TASing consistently in 2014, during a period I like to refer to as "The Dark Age", a period that lasted until... Well, hell, 2020? Yeah, 2020. I was a Judge and general forum moderator from October 2015 to November 2016, then personal life bashed me over the head with a sledgehammer and I left for three years, and now I'm back! Better than ever! I am reborn! It's symbolic! It's almost like this name I chose actually means something more than just stealing Daisoujou's unique attack!
Anyway, it's great to be back. Things are good.
As of August 10th, 2020, I have returned to being a Judge! Wow, y'all really let that happen, huh? Sorry, I meant "happy to be back!" The keys are right next to each other, I swear.
As of January 1st, 2022, I have become a Senior Judge! I need to do some serious work on this page, I swear. It took me like a whole almost 24 hours to add this line.
As of April 23rd, 2023, I am now a Site Admin! They can't let me keep getting away with this!!!

Movie Errata, or Movierrata, If You Will

Underrated Movies imo tbh lmao

I have weird opinions on TASes and this should eventually be an indicator of that.
[1760] DS Ivy the Kiwi? "100%" by Ryuto in 15:23.86
One of those movies that came along and surprised the hell out of people, it unfortunately faded back into obscurity over time. I'd love to take a stab at it if DSHawk ever comes to fruition.
[2986] SMS Lord of the Sword by Isotarge in 14:07.42
Hell yeah, this run was improved and now has the Star it rightfully deserved! Really glad to see that. I'm of course partial to the original version, because I'm full of myself and runs I've judged take precedence over everything, but, hey,
[2990] NES The Guardian Legend by ZakkyDraggy in 42:38.15
A really well-done movie of a long-requested game done by a first-time TASer that still deserves more credit than what it's gotten since it was published.
[3039] GBA Lego Bionicle by Memory in 08:15.42
Memory's a wonderful person, and this was a wonderful run. Bionicle brings back memories of being a kid with a Cool Mom who also liked Bionicle, and this ridiculous run was the perfect way to relive how awesome it was to be a kid with a Cool Mom who also liked Bionicle. The improvement run is even crazier, but, well, I think this one has more importance.
[2684] N64 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon by MATCH6974 in 1:03:29.47
An absolutely goddamn ridiculous run of one of my favorite N64 games. Mystical Ninja is fantastic, this run is fantastic. Please watch the hell outta this run. It's long, but worth it.
[817] SNES Super Metroid "100%" by JXQ in 1:10:45.02
This will always be my favorite Super Metroid run. The input animation was ahead of its time. Hell, it's ahead of THIS time. I don't think any other run has used input display as a means of entertaining the audience like this. The newest run may be 10 minutes faster and much more entertaining to watch as a GAME, but... I'll always prefer this one just for the input stuff. It's a level of TAS that needs to come back, IMO.
[2641] Arcade Magician Lord by £e Nécroyeur in 07:17.73
This could have a perfect 10 rating and I'd still call it underrated. Favorite run on the site, hands down.
[469] NES Dragon Warrior (USA) by Acmlm in 18:10.47
Literally the run that got me interested in TASing. 16 year old me was stunned at the fact that an RPG with random encounters could be beaten so quickly. I have no attachment to Dragon Warrior as a series or anything, it was just mindblowing how quick the run was. Thanks for bringing me here, Acmlm!

My Dumb Boring Movies Or Something

Move to the new site broke this section! Will be remaking someday!
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