Note: This list accidentally omits publications that were submitted prior to 2022. If you see a movie missing from this list that should be there, let me know and I'll add it to this page manually.
Standard  (260)
Genesis Barney's Hide & Seek Game by Samsara & Spikestuff in 04:54.51
GBC Rhino Rumble by ninespaces in 12:08.84
GBA Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith "warp glitch" by Superposition in 10:39.19
NES Böbl by EZGames69 & ikuyo in 03:31.45
PSX Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha "Expert Mode" by NhatNM in 22:10.51
Genesis The Lawnmower Man by The8bitbeast in 19:32.11
NES Slow Mole "100%" by juef in 11:32.29
GBA Rayman 3 by NinjaCocktail in 56:07.39
A2600 Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man by The8bitbeast in 01:34.17
DS N+ "all single player levels" by slamo in 40:35.01
PCE Cross Wiber: Cyber Combat Police by KidKoopa in 18:56.09
DS The Legend of Kage 2 by ninespaces in 29:25.63
Linux Citadel of Celestial Cascades by rythin in 04:01.58
C64 Anarchy by nymx & DrD2k9 in 10:36.16
Flash Meat Boy by rythin in 02:51.10
SMS Galactic Revenge by Darkman425 in 08:01.85
Flash Raft Wars by GMP in 04:45.49
Flash Portal: The Flash Version "no level skip" by rythin in 02:25.87
Flash Super Smash Flash "Adventure Mode" by ikuyo in 02:28.87
Saturn Myst by Spikestuff in 03:55.30
Uzebox 2048 by p0008874 in 00:46.29
GBC Trogday Micro Game by Darkman425 in 00:58.33
NES Cyber Stadium Series: Base Wars by ShesChardcore in 01:25.84
SNES Aladdin 2000 by TheAmazingYucemu in 04:42.40
SNES Skipp and Friends: Unexpected Journey by Dacicus in 05:22.85
PSX Myst by Spikestuff in 02:32.02
NES Blackjack by ShesChardcore in 00:04.79
PSX Driver 2 "Survival, Havana" by ThunderAxe31 in 04:29.27
N64 Tigger's Honey Hunt by EZGames69 & CoolKirby in 25:51.38
NES The Blue Marlin by ShesChardcore in 03:49.71
NES Karate Champ by ShesChardcore in 07:25.25
GBC Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine by the_kovic in 1:07:15.61
PSX Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? "all missions" by EZGames69 in 13:37.67
A2600 Basic Math by The8bitbeast in 01:57.13
Linux Stick With It by GMP in 08:00.73
3DS The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D by benstephens56 in 23:31.29
Windows Myst: Masterpiece Edition by Spikestuff & Gelly in 00:27.00
PSX Sheep "Training" by dekutony in 03:41.00
GG Sonic Spinball by Finalflame in 09:08.47
Flash Super Mario Flash by Vexxter, TheAmazingYucemu & RileyTech in 04:43.04
NES Rockman 6: Unique Harassment by Baddap1 in 31:56.03
Flash Crimson Room by Spikestuff in 00:41.92
Flash Viridian Room by Spikestuff in 00:18.50
Flash The Blue Chamber by Spikestuff in 00:48.92
SNES Snow White in Happily Ever After by GarbiTheGlitcheress in 08:15.92
Linux Helltaker by Spikestuff & Info Teddy in 04:37.67
GBC Garou: Mark of the Wolves 2001 by dekutony in 06:12.23
SNES Beethoven: The Ultimate Canine Caper! by TASeditor in 04:24.00
GB Gunman Clive by ViGadeomes in 00:47.17
GBA Pocky & Rocky with Becky "Becky" by Darkman425 in 12:37.89
A2600 Ghost Manor by ShesChardcore & DrD2k9 in 00:21.08
NES Super Orb Bros. "all orbs" by Mizumaririn in 09:17.07
SNES Stone Protectors "1 player" by Technickle in 17:22.17
Flash Cursor*10 by A Sickly Silver Moon in 01:40.13
GB Cherry Rescue! by MarioAtWork in 03:21.91
A2600 Haunted House by ShesChardcore in 00:14.49
NES Trials of the Wolf Clan: The Wolf Spirit by MarioAtWork in 03:14.00
GBC Resident Evil Gaiden by IzumiChenmeiru in 28:26.57
NES Indivisible "Clearest!" by FractalFusion in 03:07.92
A2600 The Lord of the Rings: Journey to Rivendell by ShesChardcore in 02:32.70
Genesis Shadowrun by Daelixx in 31:23.76
Genesis Tyrants: Fight Through Time by The8bitbeast in 15:55.63
A2600 Math Gran Prix by ShesChardcore in 00:49.93
A2600 Steeplechase by ShesChardcore in 00:33.03
A2600 Warlords by ShesChardcore in 00:00.28
NES Donkey Kong Jr. Math "Calculate B" by MarioAtWork in 00:55.99
N64 Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition "157 Stars" by Frame, RSw, homerfunky, sm64expert, galoomba, Superdavo0001 & Somebro in 1:55:31.37
Linux Six Cats Under by Spikestuff in 00:41.83
PSX Pac-Man World by SFan & lapogne36 in 19:56.03
GB Deadeus "game end glitch" by MarioAtWork in 01:32.45
DOOM Doom II: Hell on Earth by almostmatt1 & Zero Master in 10:19.40
Genesis Thunder Force II by Darkman425 in 14:35.91
A2600 Krull by ShesChardcore in 00:57.76
PC98 Touhou Kaikidan ~ Mystic Square "maximum score" by KirbyComment in 35:15.17
DOS Barbarian by eien86 in 07:19.90
A7800 Donkey Kong Junior by Fortranm & EZGames69 in 01:48.62
GB Double Dragon 3 "2 players" by Alyosha in 07:24.69
PSX Kart Challenge by hndfhng in 13:48.68
NES The Three Stooges "best ending" by Darkman425 in 15:41.27
NES The Tower of Turmoil by MarioAtWork, MrTASer & EZGames69 in 05:14.81
O2 Alien Invaders - Plus! by ShesChardcore & Memory in 02:06.21
A2600 Pepsi Invaders by ShesChardcore in 00:26.90
A7800 Slide Boy in Maze Land by Darkman425 in 05:47.28
A2600 Crazy Climber by DrD2k9 in 06:26.20
A2600 Dragonfire by ShesChardcore in 00:35.15
NES Super Mario Bros.: The Mystery of Luigi by HappyLee in 01:20.60
GBA Simple 2960 Tomodachi Series Vol. 3: The Itsudemo Puzzle - Massugu Soroeru Straws by Darkman425 in 01:26.96
SegaCD Rise of the Dragon by Rebcart in 09:33.82
GB Hello Kitty: PocketCamera by CasualPokePlayer in 01:22.24
PSX Tank Racer by hndfhng in 48:32.49
SNES Super Dram World 2 "all exits" by IgorOliveira666 in 20:50.47
DOS Ford Simulator III by slamo in 04:27.09
Flash Submachine 1: the Basement by Spikestuff in 00:33.04
PICO8 Cyclo 8 by rythin in 01:40.10
NES Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition "inbounds" by Darkman425 in 28:08.62
SMS Desert Speedtrap Starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote by The8bitbeast & aiqiyou in 09:06.25
Genesis AlterEgo by MarioAtWork & aiqiyou in 02:54.39
GBA Dark Arena by tapioca in 04:55.48
DSi Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr. by Fortranm in 03:49.80
NES New Mario Bros. by WolfAeterni in 10:02.51
DS Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors "all endings" by yep2yel in 9:24:03.02
Coleco Donkey Kong Jr. by EZGames69 in 01:37.02
GBC Super Jacked Up Tomato Face Johnson "100%" by Twisted Eye in 03:43.91
Genesis Out of This World by eien86 in 10:55.23
Linux Gateways by rythin & negative seven in 00:49.02
Flash 20 Lockers Room Escape by Spikestuff in 00:30.63
Flash The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1 by roblox8192 & TheAmazingYucemu in 02:17.33
NES Nalleland by MarioAtWork in 00:43.04
A7800 Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days by MrTASer & Samsara in 12:44.75
C64 Royal Rescue by nymx in 02:09.90
GBA Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament by Dog In Da Grass in 55:28.72
PCE Shinobi by Darkman425 in 07:04.75
GBC Donkey Kong Country by DeathKontrol in 41:47.66
Arcade Tron by Clicher in 07:52.17
GBC Capybara Quest "all Yuzus" by brunovalads in 08:23.32
Genesis Gemfire by ShesChardcore in 01:20.30
GBA Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend by M1D in 20:36.13
Genesis Yazzie by aiqiyou in 08:25.80
A2600 SwordQuest: EarthWorld by ShesChardcore in 06:57.89
Arcade Super Contra "1 player" by Clicher in 05:38.85
SG1000 Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns by aiqiyou in 07:16.96
A2600 Tomarc the Barbarian by DrD2k9 in 00:07.23
Linux VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action "Perfect Service" by Spikestuff in 21:16.23
GBC Game & Watch Gallery 2 "50 stars" by Darkman425 in 55:30.58
A2600 Peril by MrTASer & nymx in 07:21.60
GBA Game & Watch Gallery 4 "Zelda" by Darkman425 in 07:19.33
WSWAN Makaimura for WonderSwan by enderpal7 in 22:10.54
Flash One Chance "best ending" by Spikestuff in 06:52.21
SNES Drakkhen by ShesChardcore in 20:32.54
A2600 Doggone It! by MrTASer in 01:38.56
SNES Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 "new game+, SSS Rank" by lapogne36 in 1:29:09.24
PSX Grid Runner "100%" by Angie52Shirogane in 32:55.60
GB Kingdom Crusade by ShesChardcore in 00:30.72
GB Castelian by excite in 11:25.70
SNES Arcana by Jiseed in 1:00:14.48
MSX The Fairyland Story "warpless" by Darkman425 in 37:05.78
PSX Alundra "100%" by Cadit in 5:00:22.29
NES Wall Street Kid by ShesChardcore in 20:22.64
A2600 Jungle Hunt by Winslinator in 04:36.39
Arcade Donkey Kong Jr. by EZGames69 in 02:12.74
NES Bob-omb Mario by HappyLee in 04:23.20
NES Puss 'n Boots: Pero's Great Adventure by EZGames69, ShesChardcore, feos, ThunderAxe31 & Samsara in 06:57.61
NES Break Time: The National Pool Tour by ShesChardcore in 15:23.08
Flash You Have to Burn the Rope by EZGames69 in 00:21.70
Flash SHIFT by EZGames69 in 02:45.08
Flash Kyoushuu! Nobuyuki Gundan 2 by Spikestuff in 01:18.15
A2600 Checkers by Winslinator in 12:56.13
INTV Checkers by Winslinator in 02:48.78
A2600 Othello "maximum score" by Winslinator in 01:45.15
PSX Time Crisis by ThunderAxe31 in 11:01.31
NES World Games by ShesChardcore in 02:18.62
DS Intellivision Lives!: Crown of Kings by Winslinator in 00:22.87
Linux DEADBOLT by JAG in 19:35.12
AppleII Myst by Spikestuff in 00:50.78
SG1000 Wonder Boy by Darkman425 in 06:26.13
GBA Perfection by ShesChardcore in 00:18.20
INTV Venture "all treasures" by Winslinator in 05:45.71
SNES SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony "Full Game" by calcwatch2 in 39:48.45
Coleco Venture "all treasures" by nymx in 06:31.60
NES Tennis by eien86 in 11:16.00
NES KUBO "warpless" by MarioAtWork in 00:30.05
Flash Ultimate Flash Sonic by grindersky & TheAmazingYucemu in 03:34.32
NES The Untouchables by ShesChardcore in 04:56.99
GBC Wizardry II: Llylgamyn no Isan by ShesChardcore in 02:25.40
Flash White Chamber by Spikestuff in 00:35.40
NES Spot: The Video Game by ShesChardcore in 00:25.74
NES Winter Games by ShesChardcore in 03:33.58
GBC Little Nicky by ninespaces in 20:14.73
PSX Vampire Hunter D by yep2yel in 1:23:30.35
NES Athletic World by ShesChardcore & feos in 02:22.73
Flash MURDER by p0008874 in 01:31.96
Arcade Donkey Kong II: Jumpman Returns by EZGames69 in 05:50.49
NES Rocket Ranger by ShesChardcore & CtrlAltDestroy in 03:34.83
NES Side Pocket by ShesChardcore in 05:07.56
PICO8 Star Anise Chronicles: Oh No Wheres Twig?? by ikuyo in 03:05.50
NES R.C. Pro-Am II by FatRatKnight & eien86 in 28:57.70
GBA Dexter's Laboratory: Chess Challenge "all puzzles" by Walgrey in 05:45.99
GBC The Powerpuff Girls: Battle Him by yep2yel in 10:18.41
GBC Pong: The Next Level by ShesChardcore in 03:19.10
A2600 Eli's Ladder by yep2yel in 01:40.16
NES Hollywood Squares by ShesChardcore in 00:54.49
Flash Hitstick 2: No Time for Diplomacy by Spikestuff in 00:11.79
Flash Dark Cut by Spikestuff in 00:50.04
Flash Bloons by sobble_p in 04:33.54
Flash BloodShot by Spikestuff in 00:12.42
Flash Arsenal by Spikestuff in 02:34.08
Flash Sniper Assassin 2 by Spikestuff in 01:27.55
Flash Hitstick 3: Deadly Breeze by Spikestuff in 00:35.79
Flash Sniper Assassin 3 by Spikestuff in 02:37.50
Flash Bloxorz "all stages" by sobble_p in 11:11.75
Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns by TheRandomMaster, SpeedyTheHedgehog & Jaiden in 1:25:02.95
SNES Christmas Craze "2 players" by MarioAtWork in 00:45.71
Arcade Bowl-O-Rama "Blackjack" by Spikestuff in 01:30.89
NES Family Feud by SpaceColonizer in 06:58.81
SNES Goof Troop ST "2 players" by Le Hulk in 14:20.38
3DS New Super Mario Bros. 2 by TheRandomMaster in 26:50.41
NES Last Action Hero by ShesChardcore in 07:31.41
NES Underground Adventure "game end glitch" by MarioAtWork in 00:19.67
NES Rockman Exile by CUI in 25:55.37
A2600 Hangman by yep2yel, ShesChardcore & negative seven in 00:02.17
NES Caesars Palace "best ending" by ShesChardcore in 00:41.35
INTV Flapee Bird "maximum score" by Winslinator in 2:16:50.33
NES Battleship by ShesChardcore in 1:48:16.80
DS Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu "Lunatic Reverse, AAA Rank" by lapogne36 in 58:58.67
Linux 140 "all levels" by negative seven in 22:21.99
DS Spider-Man: Web of Shadows by Cakemaphoneige in 21:28.99
NES Classic Concentration by ShesChardcore in 02:04.86
Flash Frusion Breakfast Brawl by p0008874 & feos in 02:01.13
PSX Hot Wheels: Extreme Racing "Rollcage, unlimited gears" by somyeol in 23:30.84
NES Rampage "1 player" by SpaceColonizer in 1:27:27.59
GB Caesars Palace "best ending" by ShesChardcore in 00:54.42
PSX The Legend of Dragoon "save glitch" by lapogne36 in 1:49:06.01
Linux FEZ by Wobmiar in 19:20.20
Wii Spider-Man: Edge of Time by Natetheman223 in 1:11:17.42
PICO8 PICOHOT by ikuyo in 00:46.45
PICO8 The Lost Strawberry by ikuyo in 02:04.50
C64 Yathzee "maximum score" by nymx in 02:10.67
Flash Light Cut by Spikestuff in 02:53.87
Flash GROW Cube by Spikestuff in 00:32.38
NES Tiger Jenny by MarioAtWork & ThunderAxe31 in 03:01.50
INTV Tropical Trouble by Twisted Eye in 01:00.00
DSi Art Style: PiCTOBiTS by Darkman425 in 08:17.46
NES Ghostbusters II by ShesChardcore in 08:30.19
Flash 10 Gnomes 1: the Rooftops by Spikestuff & feos in 00:05.04
PSX Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time "100%" by AleMastroianni in 1:40:38.06
Wii Wii Party "Friend Connection" by InputEvelution in 01:49.35
Saturn Puzzle & Action: Nido aru koto wa Sand-R "2 players" by Darkman425 in 31:07.47
GBC Microidvania by MarioAtWork & feos in 00:13.24
MacOS Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void by rythin in 07:59.83
Linux Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside (ScummVM) by EZGames69 in 00:43.72
Flash Red Beard by EZGames69 in 02:19.39
NES Battle Chess "3D Pieces, Level 5" by adelikat in 11:27.48
Genesis Animaniacs by The8bitbeast in 23:01.66
NES Rally Bike by adelikat in 07:33.25
GB Tower of Hanoi "all puzzles" by FractalFusion in 00:51.90
NES Rockman 2: Basic Master by CUI in 18:25.33
INTV Diner by Twisted Eye in 09:55.86
GBA The Polar Express by Cadit in 35:36.22
GC Mega Man Network Transmission by Pontus in 47:47.62
NES KUBO 2: L'Aventurier Courageux by LogansGamingRoom in 00:26.26
NES Back to the Future by adelikat in 17:08.42
NES Win, Lose or Draw by ShesChardcore in 01:58.06
Flash A Koopa's Revenge by sobble_p in 09:26.80
Flash My Friend Pedro by rythin in 04:57.25
Genesis Passing Breeze: An Arcade Adventure by MarioAtWork in 00:44.64
GB Animaniacs by The8bitbeast in 17:12.97
SMS My Hero by enderpal7 & ThunderAxe31 in 04:50.29
DSi 10 Second Run by theballaam96 in 15:20.90
NES Banana Nana by ShesChardcore in 00:26.87
GBA Sushi the Cat by MarioAtWork & Technickle in 01:18.22
PICO8 The Lost Strawberry: X-Mas Edition "all berries" by ikuyo in 03:20.90
NES The Ninja of the 4 Seasons by MarioAtWork in 03:34.88
INTV Zaxxon by Winslinator in 00:44.28
DSi Shantae: Risky's Revenge "warp glitch" by arandomgameTASer in 17:07.21
A2600 Word Zapper by ShesChardcore in 00:46.41
SNES Wing Commander by ShesChardcore in 15:40.27
NES Defenders of Dynatron City by ShesChardcore in 10:26.34
Linux Cyber Shadow by keylie in 42:24.12
NES Tiger-Heli by adelikat & ThunderAxe31 in 12:52.26
Flash Daymare Town by Spikestuff in 00:46.56

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