Note: Due to the page engine restrictions, my name is spelled with a capital "m" in the heading; however, I do not approve of spelling it with capitals.
That being said, this page happens to be a personal page of moozooh. Try not to vandalize it beyond recognition, as it currently is an example of nicely organized and fully informational page as I see it. :)

Some info about moozooh

Right here. I moved it to a subpage to avoid clutter.

Current TAS projects

None worth mentioning. I burnt out on TASing Super Metroid because I don't see myself catching up on the more capable players without spending more effort than I'm willing to; besides, all the categories I was planning to do have been done by this moment.

Possible future TAS projects

SNES — Super Metroid: Redesign — any% TAS

Super Metroid: Redesign (SMR for short) is a brilliant hack of one of my favorite games — Super Metroid. It features a huge, elaborated and well-thought new world map, lots of gameplay changes and so on.
This was my ongoing project a while ago, which I decided to put on hold due to three major reasons:
  1. Super Metroid 14% TAS gained higher priority;
  2. Saturn resumed working on it as well, and it was unlikely that I could keep his pace of production up and still deliver unexpected results (in any case, it would be wiser to analyze a complete movie once it's done to avoid making the same mistakes in planning and/or execution, if some new details would be uncovered in the process);
  3. The WIP I produced had to be redone, anyway, since I had made several seconds' worth of mistakes over the span of my v1 WIP, and it turned out that v2 wasn't fully optimal, either. The new version would be made on Snes9x 1.5 due to superior emulation.
Drewseph's beta-TAS made on SMR version 2.0 (somewhat outdated route-wise) can be found here.
Status: on hiatus; to be restarted.
The goals: will have to be recalculated upon Saturn's submission and new information; as of now, it remains sub-1:00 by in-game timer.
The progress: the old WIP and other things can be found here permanently (well, at least until I submit it).
Project page — all the useful info on this run is/will be there, including progress reports.
Discussion thread.

Arcade — DoDonPachi — tool-assisted score-attack

DDP is the legendary manic shoot-'em-up made by Cave, a company that has been the headliner of the genre ever since. It's the second game of DonPachi series, and arguably the most popular one: there are Saturn and PlayStation ports, and the arcade PCBs are rather widespread (if a bit pricy). DDP is followed by DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou (whose PS2 port has been semi-TASed by none other than Morimoto himself), and the recently released DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu.
DoDonPachi's scoring system is rather simple in theory:
  1. Don't die and don't bomb, thus abusing the "maximum" bomb multiplier.
  2. Kill enemies in rapid succession, never letting the chain drop until the end of the stage.
  3. Minor: pick up every item/star without interrupting the previous goals.
  4. Minor: cancel as many bullets as possible with large explosions.
  5. Minor use laser over blooming flowers.
However, with all the supposed simplicity, it's also filled with lots of obscure tricks and strategies the world record holders use, which still haven't been made public. Some of them are completely unknown to the western players, even though DDP has seen very fierce competition due to its popularity.
The current world record with A-L ship type is 748,414,350, by SOF-WTN. According to the experts, WTN dies on the true last boss once (not particularly surprising), which would have otherwise put his score to ~760 million.
The current TAS record with the same type is 759,281,170, by Takuro. It's been noted that it contains serious (as far as TASing goes) chaining mistakes netting about 30 million points.
As such, a good goal would be to break 800M points (though realistically there is no known way to get above 790M). A lot of shmupping enthusiasts would be very pleased to see such a run, though I guess it won't be easy on the eyes. If the goal is reached, it might be possible to make a 2-player follow-up run where one player scores as per the optimal route, and the other flies around just dodging the bullet swarms, baiting enemies in favorable positions and generally disrupting aimed bullet patterns.
Status: waiting for FBA to fully support the game.
The goals: 800M+ points, speed disregarded if/when it hinders optimal scoring tactics.
The progress: gathering information.

Other TASVideos-related activities

Editor duties

I'm actively (not really) maintaining Super Metroid Tricks page, and will probably add Super Metroid Redesign Tricks if needs be (so far I've been gathering SMR-related stuff on this page). Experience gained from TASing Super Metroid engine-based games and analyzing others' runs gave me lots of useful information that has yet to end up on those pages.
I also monitor Recentchanges, and contribute minor corrections, adding new content and [re]writing movie descriptions. I don't do that too often, though. So far I'm the second most active editor (not counting judges and publishers).


I generally help the process by discussing compression options and parameters, but do not actively encode TASes myself due to laziness and comparatively poor hardware.

Favorite Runs (in somewhat particular order)


See the alphabetically sorted list here. (Note: needs updating.)
See also:


Runs I look forward to

(In order of anticipation.)



My movie rating scale explanation

Some time ago I moved to an absolute yet more versatile perception-based rating scale. I find that it works rather well without contradictions. My standards aren't exceptionally high (the basic range is 6—8 for both values), but I don't grant 9 and 10 lightly, either. The amounts listed in parentheses account only for separate movies (no two versions of the same movie, the one with higher marks is taken into account; tech marks are adjusted for obsolete movies).
Entertainment rating:
Technical rating:


(Feel free to write comments, suggestions and other things here, if you want to. Any feedback is welcome.)
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