The purpose of this page is to keep track of records in Mario Party 5.
All scores on this page are NTSC-U unless stated otherwise.
If you find an error, a broken video or if you want to submit a new score, please post in the TASVideos forum topic.


TASed?: The best known record is tool-assisted.

Saves score?: The game saves the best achieved score on the memory card.


MinigameBest scoreTASed?Saves score?Notes
Banking Coins63 Dark Deal
(NTSC-J; at 11:50 in the video)
Berry Basket
Coney Island21 Dark Deal
(NTSC-J; at 29:25 in the video)
Chimp Chase
Chomp Romp13.11 Dark Deal
(NTSC-J; at 1:55 in the video)
Requires Decathlon mode in order to show timer onscreen.
Coin Cache
Countdown Pound0:01 vini64, EvaristeWK
Flower Shower
Fish Sticks
Dinger Derby30 many people Needs video proof
Handy Hoppers60 many people Needs video proof
Hydrostars27.25 Dark Deal
(NTSC-J; at 4:41 in the video)
Later Skater21.70 Dark Deal
(NTSC-J; at 9:09 in the video)
Manic Mallets999 mugg

600 mugg
Uses pausing. If the minigame didn't cap at 999, you could reach 1200.

Uses no pausing.
Night Light Fright0.1 yards Otti Kejs
Leaf Leap 180 yards mugg
Lucky Lineup400 mugg
Panic Pinball99,999 Dark Deal
(NTSC-J; at 16:13 in the video)
If the minigame didn't cap at 99,999, it would reach 129,480.
Piece Out (1 min)85,899 Dark Deal
(NTSC-J; at 13:35 in the video)
Uses pausing.
Pump 'n' Jump859 yards many people
Triple Jump 63.32 m (NTSC-J) Dark Deal

161.31 feet BandDGames
Uses pausing.

Uses no pausing.
~164.50ft is possible.
Will Flower 5.13 mugg

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