The purpose of this page is to document useful tricks and glitches for Mario Party 5.

Trick and Glitches

Pause Glitch

You can press buttons at 60Hz (every frame) by pausing at each button press. For example, if you want to mash the A-Button, you press A+Pause, then unpause and repeat on the first frame you move again.
This glitch allows you to reach otherwise impossible scores in minigames, such as in Triple Jump where the 60Hz button mashing causes the player to jump very far and at higher speed than normal.

RNG Manipulation

In many aspects of the game, luck-based elements and CPU actions can be manipulated by pausing.
In the Piece Out minigame, for each piece, the game decides on a shape, and then on a color and pattern (i.e. two pieces or only one) depending on timing. Assume there are upcoming pieces A and B on the conveyor belt. Those pieces are offscreen at the top. A appears right before B. The game decides on a shape for B and on a color/pattern for A at the same time.
In Party Mode and Story Mode, dice rolls depend on the RNG and can be manipulated by waiting at an earlier moment (such as a dialogue box, on the pause screen or on a character's "Start" splash screen before their turn starts) for a number of frames. This way, you can also manipulate which capsules you get.
In Story Mode, where the Koopa Kids roll their dice at the same time, it is possible to manipulate for any combination of numbers by pausing or waiting at an earlier moment (or a combination of both, which yields more possibilities than if you didn't combine). Due to the fact that dice numbers don't repeat themselves, you can give yourself better odds at getting the perfect Koopa Kids' dice roll by pausing right before they hit their dice and making sure those pre-final numbers are not equal to the numbers you are looking to get. Example: You want the Koopa Kids to roll 1-5-10. Pause right before their numbers are final. They have to be "not 1"-"not 5"-"not 10" (in which case you can go ahead and try keeping that pause screen up for a number of frames to check if they do the desired dice roll eventually), otherwise wait 1 frame longer on an earlier instance and repeat the procedure.

General Knowledge

TODO: Transfer information about Story Mode (item costs and effects, strategies, etc.) here. Minigame rules and notes also go here.

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