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#28352146128618410 - Sega CD Popful Mail WIP from 2010 - BY NITSUJA

In 30:10.96 (108518 frames), 130354 rerecords
11909 views, 833 downloads
Uploaded 1/20/2016 7:53 PM by Aqfaq (8 files)
Game: Popful Mail for Sega CD.
This is an old WIP by nitsuja. It was recorded in 2010.
I PM'd nitsuja a while ago and asked whether it would be okay to make this WIP public. nitsuja did not answer. I suppose no harm is done, if this file is made available.
As Aqfaq, I think this WIP is great!

#24683487251574956 - Danan: The Jungle Figher RAM watch.

Danan - The Jungle Fighter.wch
12252 views, 898 downloads
Uploaded 8/8/2015 2:38 PM by Aqfaq (8 files)
Danan: The Jungle Fighter RAM watch.

#21439943898923895 - Old RoadBlasters test movie by Aqfaq

RoadBlasters TEST MOVIE.gmv
In 01:06.58 (3990 frames), 635 rerecords
Game: RoadBlasters (Genesis)
11826 views, 853 downloads
Uploaded 3/15/2015 12:51 PM by Aqfaq (8 files)
This was recorded in 2011. I don't know what the file contains. Supposedly it is a RoadBlasters test movie?

#20502835493839544 - Metal Force Ladder Glitch by Anty-Lemon

Metal Force ladder glitch by Anty-Lemon.bk2
In 00:11.69 (703 frames), 144 rerecords
Game: Metal Force (NES)
8937 views, 946 downloads
Uploaded 2/1/2015 7:59 AM by Aqfaq (8 files)
Anty-Lemon's game breaking glitch is demonstrated here. It allows OOB in almost every room, so it could have some potential to trigger a game ending glitch...?

#18810731354431705 - PCE The Ninja Warriors - Stage 1 Done

PCE The Ninja Warriors - Stage 1.bk2
In 02:07.03 (7600 frames), 3138 rerecords
Game: The Ninja Warriors (PCE)
11993 views, 759 downloads
Uploaded 11/17/2014 3:05 AM by Aqfaq (8 files)
Game: PCE The Ninja Warriors
Emulator: BizHawk 1.8.4
Stage 1 pretty much done.
Boss fight was skipped.

#18789740465792005 - PCE The Ninja Warriors - RAM Watch

The Ninja Warriors (J).wch
Game: The Ninja Warriors (PCE)
11985 views, 928 downloads
Uploaded 11/16/2014 4:23 AM by Aqfaq (8 files)
Some memory addresses for The Ninja Warriors.

#18789445783646824 - PCE The Ninja Warriors - Test

PCE The Ninja Warriors test run.bk2
In 14:51.28 (53322 frames), 2975 rerecords
Game: The Ninja Warriors (PCE)
11964 views, 750 downloads
Uploaded 11/16/2014 4:04 AM by Aqfaq (8 files)
Game: PCE The Ninja Warriors
Emulator: BizHawk 1.8.4
This is a test run with varying level of optimization.
The levels seem easy to optimize due to the screen scrolling mechanics, but some boss fights may be hard to do perfectly. Anyone wanna join in for a team TAS? This should be a nice and easy project.
I wonder whether there are any secrets or some more powerful moves in the game?

#16253420395226932 - Genesis Math Blaster WIP-1

Genesis Math Blaster WIP-1.bkm
In 05:21.63 (19273 frames), 5164 rerecords
Game: Math Blaster - Episode 1 (Genesis)
3 comments, 12309 views, 1001 downloads
Uploaded 7/24/2014 11:01 PM by Aqfaq (8 files)
Looks like the next level requires luck manipulation beyond my skill level.
Using BizHawk 1.6.1.