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#637867086414652082 - NES Rockman VI: Unique Harassment TAS (Improved) 31:56.03

Rockman 6 Unique Harassment 1.2-1.fm2
In 31:56.03 (115151 frames), 104079 rerecords
Game: Mega Man 6 ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/28/2022 2:10 AM by Baddap1 (see all 16)
Improvement found by doing Napalm refight with Power Adapter + new strat on Wily 4 before the final bosses.

#637860299805944589 - Rockman 5 Air Sliding - Gyroman Elevator Skip

Rockman 5 Air Sliding-Gyro Elevator Skip.fm2
In 00:51.38 (3088 frames), 25 rerecords
Game: Mega Man 5 ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/20/2022 5:39 AM by Baddap1 (see all 16)

#637795817994430390 - [TAS] Rockman 6 Unique Harassment WIP (7 Stages)

Rockman 6 Unique Harassment 1.2-0.fm2
In 13:05.00 (47158 frames), 17167 rerecords
Game: Mega Man 6 ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 2/4/2022 2:29 PM by Baddap1 (see all 16)
This was my first attempt doing a TAS of this game back on 2020, i'm planning on start the project again since i know some improvements, like Dustman fight or some better drop manipulations but it shouldn't be that different from this movie.

#71113628949416987 - NES Super Mario Unlimited Deluxe TAS in 5:53.43

Super Mario Unlimited Deluxe-0.fm2
In 05:53.44 (21241 frames), 6939 rerecords
Uploaded 4/29/2021 2:32 PM by Baddap1 (see all 16)

#64855657868887675 - NES King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton Punch in 2:55.31 (11 frames improvement)

King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch J-0.fm2
In 02:55.31 (10536 frames), 6599 rerecords
Uploaded 7/21/2020 6:37 PM by Baddap1 (see all 16)
Time save comes from doing the Door Skip Glitch faster, dragon's shoot is global, so i delayed a bit on the previous screen to take the Damage Boost closer to the Door.

#63900725683786317 - NES Extra Mario Bros. TAS in 5:26.78 (Edited)

Extra Mario Bros-Edited.fm2
In 05:26.77 (19639 frames), 868 rerecords
Uploaded 6/8/2020 6:29 PM by Baddap1 (see all 16)
Edited version of my last submission, this reduces some of the innecessary jumps that makes this movie annoying on some parts. Editing some jumps causes different RNG on some enemies, that's why some parts there's still some extra jumps and that happened with Bowser too, i had to do the fight again due to different pattern, but the time is the exact same. Replace the current submission movie with this one.

#63401398959452613 - NES Rockman 4 Minus Infinity ''The Mechanical Arena (True)'' TAS in 8:49.06

Rockman 4 Minus Infinity v1.01-1.fm2
In 08:42.36 (31393 frames), 32748 rerecords
Uploaded 5/17/2020 6:47 AM by Baddap1 (see all 16)
Mechanical Arena (True) is a boss-rush with all the enemies created for the game, this includes normal enemies (that you see through the Stages), Bosses (8 Robot Masters and Castle Bosses), Mini-Bosses, Secret Bosses and more. This is probably the last TAS i will made to this game. This starts from a save state because you have to beat the game once to unlock the Special Mode and you will get access to the True Mechanical Arena.

#63401063179968917 - Rockman 3 - Faster Breakman Transition

Rockman 3 Dr Wily no Saigo! (J)-0.fm2
In 00:08.27 (497 frames), 161 rerecords
Game: Mega Man 3 ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 5/17/2020 6:25 AM by Baddap1 (see all 16)
Doing a pause on the correct timing after killing Breakman saves 16 frames over not pausing and teleporting normally.

#63400968153376217 - Rockman 6 - Energy Balancer Password Glitch

Rockman 6 Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!! (J)-0.fm2
In 01:43.95 (6248 frames), 2986 rerecords
Game: Mega Man 6 ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 5/17/2020 6:19 AM by Baddap1 (see all 16)
Having Energy Balancer without any weapon causes some strange bugs and glitches, in this stage you can skip 3 Bosses (Tomahawk, Knight and Centaur) taking small refills of specific enemies during this stage and taking big weapon refills causes weird effects like softlocks, invisible weapon charge etc.

#63400867852473515 - NES Funny Princess (SMB1 Romhack) TAS in 4:21.89

Funny Princess-0.fm2
In 04:21.89 (15739 frames), 1162 rerecords
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Uploaded 5/17/2020 6:13 AM by Baddap1 (see all 16)