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#63900725683786317 - NES Extra Mario Bros. TAS in 5:26.78 (Edited)

Extra Mario Bros-Edited.fm2
In 05:26.77 (19639 frames), 868 rerecords
Uploaded 6/8/2020 6:29 PM by Baddap1 (see all 16)
Edited version of my last submission, this reduces some of the innecessary jumps that makes this movie annoying on some parts. Editing some jumps causes different RNG on some enemies, that's why some parts there's still some extra jumps and that happened with Bowser too, i had to do the fight again due to different pattern, but the time is the exact same. Replace the current submission movie with this one.

#62966525489189677 - NES Extra Mario Bros. TAS in 5:27.54

Extra Mario Bros-5.fm2
In 05:27.54 (19685 frames), 12369 rerecords
1 comment, 431 downloads
Uploaded 4/27/2020 4:45 PM by Baddap1 (see all 16)

#14314993793387908 - Extra Mario Bros. WIP1

In 02:44.08 (9861 frames), 4521 rerecords
Uploaded 4/28/2014 3:52 PM by negative_seven (see all 6)
improved by a frame rule, just barely